The 6 most common mistakes in email marketing – can you avoid them?

Email marketing is a popular tactic integral to many companies’ marketing plans – and with approximately 77% of consumers preferring to receive marketing communications via this media, it’s popular for a good reason. But, as with anything, email marketing is only successful if deployed properly… get more from your email marketing efforts by avoiding these common mistakes.

Three things from current email marketing research that you should know

In this article we want to share three brief items with you - a bit of good news, a warning and one of the most basic but helpful tips anyone sending an email marketing campaign can follow. Find out what are these.

To open or not to open – here’s how to increase your Open Rate

If your Open Rate is below average - sixteen percent - and you want to know what you are doing wrong, we want to give you a few quick tips that will help you to make the changes you need to increase it. After all, being aware of what motivates people to open commercial emails is key to the driving your Open Rate in the right direction.

The spam trap – what it is and how not to get caught

The ongoing fight against spam rages on. We all do our best to reduce the number of unwanted emails sent through the internet. One of the tools used to outsmart spammers is the  so-called spam trap. Read our article and find out more.

Gmail is planning to present email campaigns as a gallery

YES! Great news has appeared on Gmail’s blog. Google is refreshing and updating ‘Promotions’ tab display. We will soon see deals, offers, and other marketing emails with more graphics, more colors and they will be presented much more attractively.Our strategy deparment is already looking forward to taking advantage of new possibilities!

Permission marketing – do it right!

Read about permission marketing. Only this way ensures the optimization of results, the favor of subscribers. What’s the most important, it means no worries about legal matters.

Email marketing leads in efficiency – Gigaom report summary

No matter, if for purpose of increasing your sell or building the image of your company. Email marketing is still foremost and most marketers will approve it.

How to increase the loyalty of your subscribers

In a perfect scenario, you upload a database and send a campaign. However, email marketing is not only email sending but a communication with clients. Don’t let your clients without any attention, they will quickly notice that you neglect them. What to do then to make your clients feel appreciated?

16 helpful tools for creating newsletters

Nowadays, newsletters and mailing creation is pretty easy. All because of available tools supporting a work of designers and programmers. Most of them are really easy to use and don’t require any technical knowledge, giving you professional results at the same time.

How to slice images and graphics in your newsletter

Too large size of images could increase the risk of going to spam folder. Find out how to cut images in newsletter and bypass spam filters.

How to easily and effectively create an email database

Struggle to create an email address database? Check how you can do it fast.

How to create a newsletter

You’ve got a task - create a good newsletter. You don’t know where to start and what is the crux of it? Don’t worry, you are in good hands. Sit down comfortably and find out our reliable way to create a good newsletter.

How to build emailing campaigns and newsletters – eye tracking in email marketing

Do you know how important the layout of your newsletter is in order to boost your email marketing driven sales? You are often in a dilemma as to which element to get rid of to make your newsletter more readable, well converted but eye-catching? No worries. You will find the answers in the Edisonda's report: 'Eyetracking in email marketing'.

The most effective ways to advertise online

Are you a novice entrepreneur considering making investments so that the customers will find out about you? Or maybe your current business is in need of a push and you are looking for the most effective ways to advertise? The following post will deal with the question how to do it online.

Newsletter, mailing or autoresponder?

Email marketing is becoming more credible. The campaigns in which it is present are rewarded in a variety of contests. The results of the campaigns, which are described in the reports, speak for themselves. It is difficult to question the thesis that email marketing sells and is useful.

How to build a content rich newsletter

Email marketing is one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools commonly used to lead subscribers to your website, to shop and buy. Relatively inexpensive, a well targeted newsletter can create truly outstanding results. Unfortunately only about 4 % of people visiting our website are ready for an instant purchase. The vast majority need time to think.