Cs-Cart and Multi-Vendor

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  • Customers can sign up for newsletters on a webpage and their email addresses are automatically added to FreshMail
  • During checkout, customers can sign up to newsletter for a selected mailing list

Cs-Cart and Multi-Vendor are e-commerce software programs that allow you to manage various online stores. Subscribers’ email addresses are automatically saved in FreshMail through an integration with a dedicated extension.

How to set up the integration between FreshMail and Cs-Cart and Multi-Vender

First, you have to install an add-on:

Integration with FreshMail

In the add-on configuration you have to set the API keys needed for communication with FreshMail:

Integration with FreshMail

You will find your FreshMail API key and API Secret in the settings of your account:

Integration with FreshMail

Then, in menu on the left side, select Plugins and API - Integration.

Integration with FreshMail

Visitors to your e-shop can sign up to your newsletter while they are browsing. Their email addresses will be automatically saved in the FreshMail app.

Integration with FreshMail

Your customers can also sign up for a particular mailing list.

Integration with FreshMail

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