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  • learn the preferences of your website visitors by using surveys
  • add data gathered with surveys to your subscriber lists in FreshMail
  • personalize communication with your subscribers

Marketizator is a conversion optimization tool that helps turn more visitors into buyers. It allows you to gather a variety of data about your website visitors by using surveys that will help you get to know your customers through learning more about their likes and dislikes. Integrating Marketizator with FreshMail is easy - all survey data is imported directly to your subscriber lists.

FreshMail and Marketizator integration

Send all information collected with Marketizator directly to a FreshMail list. Simply go to Marketizator > Website settings > Integrations. This is the panel where you can setup the configuration by entering the API information (check where to get API). Click “save” and you’re ready.




Use the insights about visitors and personalize your communication. Segment your subscriber lists and perform targeted email marketing campaigns. Learn more about subscriber list segmentation from this guide.

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