The FreshMail reporting system and what it does for you

FreshMail's reporting system gives you the possibility to see very detailed metrics that show how your subscribers are responding to your message. Let's take a look at what information FreshMail provides and how you can use it to optimize your online marketing campaign.

The Open Rate and how to calculate yours

The Open Rate is a measurement that helps to give you an idea of how your campaign is proceeding and well it is being received. This is a valuable bit of feedback can then be used to craft your next message – a good Open Rate tells you that you’re on the right track and a not-so-good one tells you that it might be time to rethink or adjust a few things. Let’s take a look at Open Rates in more detail.

How does the email marketing reporting system work?

FreshMail puts powerful analytical tools to work for you so you can measure every aspect of the effectiveness of your email campaigns. The information that you will find on your ‘Reports’ page gives you a detailed insight into how your subscribers are reacting to your message. Using this data, you can then develop your next campaign with a better knowledge of what works for you, what doesn’t and how you can use past subscriber behavior to optimize important metrics in the future. 

Where can I see who unsubscribed from my list?

There will always be recipients who choose to unsubscribe from your newsletter for various reasons beyond your control. There is, however, a silver lining to this since it means that your database becomes more valuable to you in a sense because it has a greater percentage of users who wish to be there. There is no value to you in having your subscriber list full of individuals who are no longer receptive to your message. Paying close attention to unsubscribes may even help you to recognize strategies and practices that are not working for you and go in a different direction.