A Fresh Approach to Email Marketing [eBook]

Email remains the biggest player in digital marketing. It evolved to be mobile, highly personalized, effective communication channel that, according to DMA, can deliver up to an astounding 30:1 Return on Investment.

Whether you are a blogger, entrepreneur or marketing manager email marketing will help you grow your brand and sales. Get actionable email marketing knowledge from “A Fresh Approach to Email Marketing” written by Paul Sala, FreshMail’s Managing Director.

  • Learn how to effectively build and manage your own email list,
  • Gain how-to details on proven selling and communication strategies,
  • Discover the power of email automation and personalized, timely marketing,
  • Get to know how to build a continuous positive brand experience for your customers

Show table of contents

  • About the autor
  • About FreshMail
  • Foreward to the Second Edition
  • A Short Introductio to Email Marketing
    • A few formalities about regulations and good practices
    • Thank you page and announcements
    • Types of email marketing communication
    • How to start planning your email marketing
  • Building and managing address lists
    • A few formalities about regulations and good practices
    • Thank you page and announcements
    • Building your subscriber list
    • Special projects for actively collecting email addresses
    • Maintaining database hygiene
  • Preparing an email marketing campaign
    • Designing your template
    • Creating your template
    • Message content
    • Which is more important - subject or sender?
    • Message senders
    • Message subject
    • Tests and more tests
    • When to send your campaign
  • Reports in email marketing systems
    • Open Rate
    • Clicks on links
    • Other important indicators
    • Email service programs and the most popular domains
    • Geolocation
    • Google Analytics
    • Comparing campaign reports
  • After you know a little
    • Targeted campaigns
  • Track your subscribers
    • CSS/HTML the easy way
    • Deliverability - Inboxes instead of spam folders
  • Case Study
  • Email Marketing Automation