We are ready for GDPR!

Find out how we prepared for GDPR and why you are compliant with the law when using our system.

Will FreshMail certify or otherwise confirm its readiness to comply with the provisions of GDPR?

Does FreshMail delete data? Is the deletion protocol available?

Does FreshMail entrust anyone with data?

Are backup copies of personal data processed in the FreshMail application?

Are backups made of the application, database structure and operating system?

Which obligations mandated by GDPR does FreshMail support?

Will FreshMail only process data according to the documented orders of the data administrator?

Will FreshMail ensure that any persons authorized to process personal data are themselves obligated to secrecy or are subject to an appropriate statutory obligation of secrecy?

Taking into account the nature of data processing, does FreshMail help the Administrator with appropriate technical and organizational measures to meet the obligation to respond to requests of the data subject in the exercise of its rights?

Will FreshMail designate an Inspector of Personal Data?

Does the sign-up form have to contain consents (mandatory checkbox) or can they only be in the confirmation message?

Is the information contained in your confirmation message legally sufficient to send a newsletter?

What about my current database?

What’s the best way to gain consent under GDPR?

Are checkboxes required to give consent on sign-up forms?

For how long can data be saved?

How do I renew consent after the passing of an expiration date that I’ve set?

How do you ensure that a particular subscription was voluntarily made?