The highest level of deliverability and security

At FreshMail we take security and deliverability levels for email seriously. They are our top priorities. All data processed in our system is secured and meets all EU & US regulations for personal data security. FreshMail also meets restrictive anti-spam requirements too.


Currently, the most important feature of deliverability is our email sending server’s reputation. If your recipients do not know you or do not like your campaign’s content, your sending servers can be blocked. We make sure that your emails will be delivered to your subscribers.

Server reputation hierarchy

Trust pays off. If you send your emails according to email marketing standards, you can be sure that other people sending theirs from the same IP address deliver campaigns as good as yours. Our system automatically grades and assigns accounts to different IP ranges based on a combination of different qualifying factors.

Email address credentials

Your subscribers know the campaign author’s identity. Using DKIM digital signature technology lets us prove that our clients’ emails are not fake, which increases the trust held in your email and ultimately the chances of your campaign reaching your subscribers’ email boxes.

Feedback loop

FreshMail is integrated with the same feedback loop mechanism used by companies like Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL. It allows you to see if your subscribers have marked your newsletter as spam and removed it from their inbox and also enables the automated deletion of them from the affected subscriber list.

Moderator’s approval

Our new users' campaigns must receive moderator’s approval. We check if they fulfil legal criteria, database and content quality. For extra hints and tips on best practices you can find a myriad of interesting and helpful articles on our blog.


In order to secure your data and allow you to access it on demand, we use server clusters with redundancy in monitored 24/7 server rooms. Important data is encrypted and protected on our servers and guarded by a highly restrictive firewall.

Restrictive privacy policy

Our policies guarantee that your important data will never be shared with third parties and will always be safe.

Progressive data centre

We monitor our servers 24/7 for performance and security. They are equipped with high level security tools such as: bio-metric scanning, intrusion detection and various other systems and fail-safes.

Reliable system

Our system has multiple layers in order to provide fast system restoration in case of serious hardware issues. All data is copied and secured outside the production system in case of unexpected events. A full disaster management policy is in place with our team frequently tested with simulated disaster recovery scenarios on a test environment.

Ultra-fast image hosting

FreshMail uses the Amazon cloud infrastructure to host your pictures, making sure that they will always be quickly and easily available to your recipients.