Hello Brand Festival!

We created this ebook to help you obtain and leverage your customers insights and use it in effective brand communication!

Do you sometimes find yourself trying to figure out your next move and it more looks like reading tea leaves than an actual data-driven plan? You’re not alone...

It is of key importance that money invested in promotions is capitalized efficiently. Each brand wants to have an insight on decision-making mechanisms of consumers. Learning about buying decision processes straight from your customers insights.

According to an eMarketer study, only 25% of businesses leverage data-related insights while building their email marketing programs. For such a vital component, this lack of data usage within email marketing programs is staggering.

It’s crucial that you keep data at the center of your email marketing plan. We've teamed up with our friends at InboxArmy and created this ebook to help you leverage your email data.


Consumers do prefer email channel to receive communication from brands. With the relevant data personal nature of email can be leveraged and provide an amazing customer experience.

Data is king of email. Grab our ebook and learn:

  • how to look to your data to find better ways to create and deliver more relevant content in your emails,
  • how to enhance the reach of your email marketing program,
  • how to drive business growth with email.

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smart email marketing programs

Download our new ebook now to learn how you can better leverage data and build smarter email marketing programs! You’ll receive a link to the download at the address you provide below.

What will you learn from the ebook?

  • How to optimize your conversion rates
  • How to determine what types of data you should be collecting
  • How to best collect your customer data
  • How to bring your customer data into your system(s)
  • How to clean and maintain your customer data
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