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  • Connect FreshMail with over 400 Zapier-supported apps
  • Sync your data between apps
  • Save time and be more effective

FreshMail works with hundreds of apps via Zapier!

Zapier is a tool that helps you to connect to various applications and automates the flow of information between them. You don’t have to have any tech knowledge and a few clicks is enough to integrate FreshMail with countless applications and internet tools like Gmail, PayPal, ZenDesk and Unbounce. You’ll find a full list at


How does it work?

Zapier’s simple interface lets you integrate FreshMail with an unlimited number of services and applications.

  1. I’m assuming you already have a FreshMail account - if not, open one here
  2. Also open an account in Zapier
  3. Go to the Dashboard and click “Make a Zap!”

This is how Zapier works - a trigger in one app causes an action in another.


For example, sending an email to a specific address in Gmail causes one of three actions in FreshMail.

FreshMail makes 3 actions possible:

  1. Add contact - a particular action in one service causes an email address to be added to your subscriber list in FreshMail.
  2. Send Transactional Email - a particular action in one service causes a defined contact to receive a transactional email with text that you set.
  3. Delete Contact - a particular action in a given service causes a certain email address to be removed from your subscriber list in FreshMail.

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Check these sample Zaps

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