Account settings

How to verify your email address

FreshMail is proud to adhere to policies and standards that are consistent with email marketing good practices. This is why we verify that the ‘From’ address that you use in your campaigns is in fact in a domain that you have access to.

First steps in FreshMail

If you about to start your FreshMail adventure, you’re in the right place. We have prepared a few important links for you to separate articles that cover various important aspects of what FreshMail can do for you.

Tracking codes

Tracking codes let you examine and analyse the path of users based on detailed reports. This code is part of a script that you add to your website that makes it possible to analyse the behavior of users – from the moment they click on a link in an email and through all the tabs on your website.

Regulating the frequency of your emails to subsribers

Effective email marketing is a mix of good content and appropriate frequency of deliveries. However, as in all things, you need to exercise restraint and not overwhelm your subscribers with too many messages. FreshMail makes it easy to automatically regulate the intervals between your email campaigns.

Rebranding links

When you create an email, you can make links in the message look like they were sent directly from your website rather than through FreshMail. You can do this thanks to the rebranding function, which allows you to redirect the domain used to send mails.

This can be done by either using your own domain or creating a subdomain in FreshMail.

When and why an account may be blocked

If you haven’t used your FreshMail account for more than 60 days, if you enter the wrong password too many times or break the terms of your agreement with FreshMail your account will be blocked.

Your password and when you have to change it

When using the High security setting, you have to change your password every thirty days. This is done in order to help ensure the highest possible level of data protection and to give peace of mind both to you and to those who entrust you with their personal information. The process for changing your password is simple.

Here’s how to do it. 

Changing account security settings in FreshMail

FreshMail offers three levels of account security – low, medium and high. Choose the one that is appropriate for your needs or required by any regulatory authorities governing the collection of personal data in your area.

Managing multiple users of single account in FreshMail

Let’s say you want to share your FreshMail account with friends, coworkers or someone working on the same project with you. Or maybe you want to divide the work and separate the responsibilities of your email campaign between several people. You can easily arrange your account settings to give multiple users various degrees of authority and access to different features in FreshMail.