Regulating the frequency of your emails to subsribers

Effective email marketing is a mix of good content and appropriate frequency of deliveries. However, as in all things, you need to exercise restraint and not overwhelm your subscribers with too many messages. FreshMail makes it easy to automatically regulate the intervals between your email campaigns.

How this function helps you

Regulating the frequency of your communication with your subscribers is useful when your contact list is growing rapidly and you want to tell your new customers about, for example, a new promotion without sending that message to someone who has already received it in an earlier campaign.

There are other times when you might want enable the option to control when your campaigns are sent out. Let's say that you have a database of 100,000 contacts and you want to send out 20,000 emails a day for five days in order to run a test that will show you what time of day is best for deploying the campaign. How do you ensure that a given contact on your subscriber list won't be bombarded with an email every day for five days?

You can prevent this by utilizing the last option in 'Contact Lists' on the 'Settings' page -  'How often my subscribers should get my emails'.

How often my recipients should get my emails?

If you leave these fields with the value of 'Unlimited', it will mean that the option is disabled.