Managing multiple users of single account in FreshMail

Let's say you want to share your FreshMail account with friends, coworkers or someone working on the same project with you. Or maybe you want to divide the work and separate the responsibilities of your email campaign between several people. You can easily arrange your account settings to give multiple users various degrees of authority and access to different features in FreshMail.

Remember that you are welcome to set up any number of FreshMail accounts so each person in your group can have their own. However, if you prefer that everyone work on the same account you can do that too. Adding new users and giving them different levels of access to the features of the account is easy!

Adding a new user to an account

On the Settings page, go to the Access Accounts tab on the left. Clicking on the Add user icon will take you to a pop-up window where you can the add the new user's information and choose which FreshMail features he is authorized to use.


Conferring authorization

When adding a new user to an account, you can confer different levels of access to FreshMail's features. You can, for example, authorize one user to design emails, another user to send them and a third user to access reports.

Add and update users as your email marketing campaign grows!

add user

When it comes to access accounts, there is one thing that’s need to be mentioned. Access account does not have access to Payment section. This is section that is assigned only to Main account even if access accounts has administrator or almighty authorities.

The other element that is available only for Main accounts is ability to delete account. It means even if you want to delete your access account, it’s need to be done from level of major account.