Managing subscribers

Managing subscribers

To make managing subscribers easy for you FreshMail offers a few functionalities that let you keep your mailing lists clean and uncluttered with unresponsive addresses. The database you use for your FreshMail campaigns is the only cost generator you have so it’s worth taking care to make sure that it only includes subscribers that can deliver the results you are looking for.

First steps in FreshMail

If you about to start your FreshMail adventure, you’re in the right place. We have prepared a few important links for you to separate articles that cover various important aspects of what FreshMail can do for you.

Tracking codes

Tracking codes let you examine and analyse the path of users based on detailed reports. This code is part of a script that you add to your website that makes it possible to analyse the behavior of users – from the moment they click on a link in an email and through all the tabs on your website.

What are ‘Double Opt-in’ and ‘Single Opt-in’ and when do you use them?

FreshMail allows you to choose between two ways to add a new recipient to your mailing list. The first option, called Double Opt-In, sends a new subsriber to your newsletter an email containing an activtion link. When the link is followed, the user is added to your mailing list. The other option, Single Opt-In, adds the user to your list immediately without email confirmation.

How to place a newsletter sign-up form on your website

Thanks to FreshMail you will find it easy to create a sign-up form to collect email addresses on your own website or blog. Just paste the code you will get by following the directions below and start expanding your subscriber list!

How to manually add names to the subscriber lists

FreshMail lets you choose how you want to add your recipient address information to your contact lists.

One of way is to enter it manually. This option is very simple, but works only in situations when you have a few addresses and want to quickly create a list or add a few addresses to an existing one.

Exporting your subscriber list

FreshMail allows you to export your contact list to a CSV file so you can edit, manage and re-upload the list whenever you like.

Using custom fields to your advantage

In FreshMail, custom fields allow you to enter additional information about your recipients so you can send more appropriately tailored communications. This means that you can send personalized messages based upon, for example, a recipient’s name, city of residence or most recent purchase.


The FreshMail system offers geotargeting on the basis of a geographical tag assigned to each customer using the IP address from which the confirmation of the subscription to your newsletter was made. Geotargeting is possible only when using the Double Opt-In option, which is discussed in a separate entry.