How to manually add names to the subscriber lists

FreshMail lets you choose how you want to add your recipient address information to your contact lists.

One of way is to enter it manually. This option is very simple, but works only in situations when you have a few addresses and want to quickly create a list or add a few addresses to an existing one.

How to add contacts manually

After creating a list in ‘Contact lists' and naming it, you can choose the best way for you to add subscriber addresses. Here we are only looking at one of your options - adding contacts manually.

This option will allow you to add up to one thousand subscribers at a time. Remember that you can only put one address on each line so be sure to hit Enter after each of them. You can also add extra data, separating them from the address with a comma. Remember to type the data in the same order on each line so the system can properly assign them later.

Remember that bits of data separated by a comma will be automatically divided into individual columns. After clicking ‘Add subscribers’, the system will ask you to give them names (e.g.: e-mail, name, and city).

Now you know how to add subscribers to your contact list!

See how easy that was?