Kinds of Accounts in FreshMail

FreshMail’s Trial Account

While opening a new account in FreshMail, you notice that you have a “trial” plan. That means you can try nearly all features in our system, just for free. But, however, the trial account have some limitations:

  • You can use your trial account for 14 days only
  • You can upload up to 100.000 email addresses
  • And you can send up to 1.000 emails during your trial period

If you import more addresses into the system, you will not be able to send more campaigns until you upgrade your account. You can, of course, check your campaign reports and change other settings.

If you reach the number of free messages the trial plan allows, you will be asked to upgrade your account and will not have the access to campaign reports.

The limitations of the trial account are:

  • The number of email service providers you can use in Inbox Tests is limited to 12.
  • The number of test campaigns you can run is limited to 20 tests in 15 minutes, with each test using just one email address.
  • You cannot  change the content of your confirmation message sent after the sign-up
  • You cannot remove small FreshMail’s logo from the bottom of each campaign being sent

If the trial plan isn't enough for your needs, then you can step up to our paid packages.

In the world of newsletters and email marketing, one size definitely does not fit all.

That’s why FreshMail offers different kinds of accounts for users with different needs and subscribers lists of every size. The primary factor in determining which one is right for you is the number of mails you want to send every month (and, by extension, the number of people you want to send them to).

It doesn't matter if you are sending a newsletter once a month to a fairly small group of people with a common interest or sending weekly offers to tens of thousands of your customers - there is a pricing plan that perfectly suits your needs.

Unlimited Plan

Choose this if you want pay a monthly amount that allows you to send an unlimited number of emails to the number of subscribers allowed on your plan.

You can also select the time period the plan covers - a month, six months, a year, etc. - and send any number of campaigns during that period.

Remember that if your subscriber list grows and your current limit is not enough, you will need to increase your plan in order to reach all of your recipients.

Also, keep in mind that payment period calculate both: subscribers that exists on your lists so as subscribers you add, send campaign to them and delete them. “No limit” refers to the number of emails. Subscribers are still limited.

Pay as You Go Plan

If your mailing list changes regularly and it’s difficult to predict how many campaigns you will send monthly, you should opt for the ‘Pay as You Go’ plan.

It’s easy - you buy credits that you can use to send your emails. One credit is used for each sent message but the rate for a single email depends on the number of credits you buy to begin with - the more credits you get, the less each one costs.

Prepaid Settlement

You can refill your account with credits using PayPal. Take a look at our pricing plan for detailed information.

How is the size of a mailing list measured?

Besides the frequency of your campaigns, other important issue which determines the best type of account for you is the size of your mailing list. Different sizes of mailing lists require different sized plans.

Remember that all email addresses count (deleting them from your database does not remove them from the list of addresses you have used in a billing period). Check yourself how we measure the size of your mailing list.

The same rule applies to users of the ‘Unlimited’ plan.

Unlimited Plan

1. You choose Unlimited Plan up to 2,500 subscribers.

2. You import 2,500 subscribers and send a campaign to them.

3. Then you delete all of them and import 1,500 the same one or different recipients.

4. The total number of email addresses for purposes of accounting in this period will be 4,000 and your account will be blocked.

Learn how to optimise your subscriber lists without having to delete addresses and extra pay for them.

What if my account is blocked?

If your mailing list is bigger than your limit allows or you have deleted addresses and uploaded others again to the same mailing list exceeding the total limit permitted by your plan, your account will be blocked.

If you use the ‘Unlimited' plan for, say 2,500 subscribers, send all of them a message, delete all the addresses and then add 1,500 the same one or different recipients then the total number of email addresses for purposes of accounting in this period will be 4,000.

To continue with sending messages to the newly uploaded email addresses you have to increase your plan or wait for a new billing period when your limit of recipients will be reset.

If you have not yet sent any campaigns, make sure that you have fewer subscribers than the maximum your plan allows before you send your first one. Any addresses used to sent a campaign count against your monthly limit and deleting them from your database does not remove them from the list of addresses you have used in a billing period.

If your account is blocked, you must delete whatever number of addresses that takes the total under the maximum your plan allows. 

You can make all necessary changes in the FreshMail system.