Inbox Inspector

See how your email actually appears in over 20 of the most popular email clients, without having to send any test campaigns.

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Free Inbox Inspector

Spam Test

Ensure that your messages will be delivered by testing them before the actual launch. Learn exactly which words used in your email might be treated as spam.

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Free Spam Test

Automatic A/B tests

Achieve better results by testing two different campaign versions, and automatically send the one with a higher open and conversion rate.

Test your subject line, content approach, or even completely different layouts.

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Automatic A/B tests

Optimise send-time

Send emails only when they are optimised to be opened and read. With just a few clicks, you can test which hour of the day or week is best for your subscriber group.

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Optimise send-time

Code Inspector

Avoid common mistakes made while creating a new email message. When you upload a template, FreshMail's Code Inspector will highlight what should be changed in the HTML code.

Code Inspector makes sure that you:

  • are not using Flash or JavaScript,
  • have an unsubscribe button,
  • used ALTs under your images,
  • used only appropriate CSS properties,
  • added text without MS Word formatting,
  • and more!.
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Code Inspector

Advanced scheduling

Plan and send as many campaigns as you need in advanced. FreshMail will save it until it's dispatched.

Smart deliveries

Send your campaigns to an unlimited number of recipients, or specific subscribers from your list.

Integration with Google Analytics

Follow campaign reports sent from FreshMail in Google Analytics

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