MailerLite FreshMail and MailerLite are uniting to create the ultimate email marketing platform in Poland


FreshMail joins forces with MailerLite to offer Polish customers the best email marketing experience

FreshMail and MailerLite are now on a mission to help you get more from email marketing.

Product marketing – win customers before your product is ready

Think of it like a good movie teaser. After watching it, you don't know the plot yet, but you're already looking forward to the premiere. That's your job when you do product marketing.

[CASE STUDY] Email marketing in the affiliate programs promotion

Can you use an affiliate program in your industry? Yes. Can you connect it with your email campaigns? Yes. Should you do it? Yes! Check out this case study and learn more!

Duplicate Content: A Comprehensive Guide

Some experts say that duplicate content is something that hurts SEO and might bring disaster upon your website. Another group agrees that it is not good for your website

How to use customer data to improve site conversions

Data-driven marketing has become the default for companies that want to run their marketing activity based on data around what their customers, users, and visitors are doing.

How to conduct A/B testing using Facebook Ads, Google Ads and newsletters

Discover the possibilities of A / B testing, thanks to which you will optimize the effectiveness of online promotional activities! Learn how to perform A / B tests in Facebook Ads, Google Ads and mailing.

Analytics in the sales process

Learn how to use analytical tools in the everyday work of a sales specialist. Discover tools that will make your work easier

Gmail introduces self-destructive emails

Gmail has recently rolled out a new, useful feature: confidential emails that disappear from your recipient’s inbox after the time you have specified. This novelty will increase our control over email conversations, along with their security.

How to reach your mailing recipients using Google Ads?

The biggest worry when sending campaigns are users who don’t open messages from you, don't click on s link or don't perform expected action. Let’s look at how you can use Google Ads to try to convert subscribers like these.

Connecting email marketing campaigns with Google Ads

In order to reach the end of the sales funnel, it is necessary to influence customers in various ways. In this article, I'll tell you how to do it using email marketing and Google Ads campaigns.

7 Email Marketing Tactics to Boost your M-commerce

Email marketing for m-commerce holds enormous potential for boosting conversions to increase revenues by exploiting an untapped niche of customers.

What No One Tells You About Conversion-Centric Email Design

More than your OR and CTR, your conversion rate is the real factor that boils down the success of your email marketing. Try conversion centric email design!

How to make your email marketing more profitable in 2018

These few techniques can save you thousands of dollars if applied right. Take a look what will help you make your email marketing more profitable in 2018!

How to Prepare Your eCommerce for The Christmas Rush

Plan how you will navigate the Christmas period in your eCommerce! You can achieve more, focus on what’s important and reach your goals easier.

Tell, Don’t Sell: Why Email Storytelling Matters

A story sent via email might turn out to be the piece of content people would remember for years. Find out more about benefits of email storytelling.

The Truth About Buying an Email List

Find out why email, and a good email list can be better than even the most aggressive social media marketing and if buying an email list is a good idea.

5 Things You Must Do to Improve the Open Rates of Your Email Campaigns

Are your email open rates below 30%? This article can help you to improve your open rates with 10-20%+. Promise.

4 Hacks To Do B2B Lead Nurturing Like A Pro

Check out B2B Lead Nurturing Hacks that you can implement immediately and which will give you a better conversion rate.

Email Strategy & Tactics: The Yin & Yang of email marketing

Email marketers are starting to crave a strategic approach, with a ‘lack of email strategy’ being one of the biggest concerns when defining email programmes.