Karolina Gnat

The complete guide to digital marketing for small businesses

You have your internet site, your social media profiles and you have started building a subscriber database that you would like to communicate with. The first steps of online promotion are behind you but increasing your reach on the internet is a marathon without a finish line.

Why should you create an app for your business?

Does your business really need its own mobile app? No matter what size your business may be, mobile isn’t even the future anymore – it’s the present. If your business doesn’t have mobile communications as part of its branding strategy, that will spell trouble in the near future.

Using coupons and discounts in email marketing

If you sell anything online, you will eventually be faced with offering some kind of discount. When that happens, you will have a few decisions to make...

What’s the point of using hashtags in your newsletter?

It’s funny to think about how new the concept of the hashtag actually is. It only started being widely used in 2012 (even though it was actually invented in 2007), and then, for quite a while, Twitter was its exclusive home. Today, it’s a social media staple and can be found in wide use across all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and — of course — Twitter.

The essentials of an effective landing page

In a broad sense, any page a visitor to your website may ‘land on’ can obviously be called a ‘landing page’. For email marketing and ad campaigns, however, it is of paramount importance to design special landing pages, fine-tuned and personalised for their only purpose: conversion of the visitor into a client or a lead.

What are rich snippets?

About 90 percent off all online experiences begin with search — and, in those search results, you’ll see not only the URL, but a short description of the site it’s attached to. That short description is called a snippet..

How to give email marketing a social life

It is essential to integrate email marketing and social media as part of a comprehensive strategy which will maximize the effectiveness of the overall marketing plan. By implementing such a multi-pronged approach, interaction with customers can be maximized throughout both components.