Creating accounts

Both primary and sub user accounts can be created.

Call: POST /rest/account/create

Data in POST:

login Required Login for new user (email address)
password Required New user password
firstname Required User first name
lastname Required User last name
company Optional Company name
phone Required Telephone number
activation_mail Optional Activation sent or not (default is yes)
activation Optional Activation required or not (default is yes)
child_account Optional Is account primary or sub (default sub)

Returned Data:

hash New account hash
api_key New account Api key
api_secret New account Secret

Error codes:

1501 No email address / login
1502 Incorrect login
1503 Already logged in
1504 No password
1505 Password too weak - must contain 8 characters including one capital letter and one special character
1506 First name missing
1507 Last name missing
1509 Telephone number missing
1510 An error occurred while creating account
1511 Account was not created
1512 Account was not saved in application
1513 No permission to create account