SMS messages

The controller can be used to send individual SMS Messages. The default for all parameters must be coded in UTF-8.

General notes

Telephone numbers must be in formats of 9 or 11 digits. It is possible to add the “+” character as a country prefix.

The content of individual messages is typically 160 characters or 70 characters if a single special character is used. The maximum is 459 characters (or 200 with special characters) and is sent as three connected SMS’s.

Special characters include any not listed here:

@£$¥èéùìòÇØøÅå_^{}\[~]| ÆæßÉ!"#¤%&'()*+,-./0-9:;<=>?A-ZÄÖÑܧ¿a-zäöñüà

SMS without special characters SMS with special characters
Maximum characters Number of SMS's Maximum characters Number of SMS's
160 1 70 1
306 2 134 2
459 3 200 3

Types of SMS Messages

The gate makes it possible to send two types of messages: ECO and PRO.

ECO messages sent from a random nine-digit number.

PRO messages are sent with a text signature or sender name. This sender name cannot contain more than 11 non-special characters. To use PRO messages, you must announce the signature.

Using SMS messages requires an additional contract, which contains prices for messages of both types.

Sending SMS Messages

Call: POST /rest/sms

Data in POST:

gsm Required Telephone number
text Required SMS content. More details in "General notes”
from Optional Sender/Signature. More details in “Types of SMS messages”. Signatures are sent in PRO SMS text messages.
single Optional Limited length of SMS. For use when SMS consists of more than one part. Possible values are 0 or 1. Default value is 0 is field is empty. If value is set at 1 an error will occur when a sent message is too long for a single SMS.

Error codes:

1101 Error in GSM number
1102 SMS content missing
1103 SMS content too long (SMS without special characters)
1104 SMS content too long  (SMS with special characters)
1105 Sender name error
1106 Unconfirmed sender name (awaiting verification)
1107 Error in coding of command
1108 SMS content too long (SMS without special characters with single=1 option)
1109 SMS content too long (SMS with special characters with single=1 option)
1150 SMS not sent, awaiting final contract