Transaction e-mails – sending individual e-mails

The controller can be used to send individual transactional mails. The default of all parameters should be set in UTF-8 coding. They can be changed using the encoding parameters.

Call: POST /rest/mail


Data in POST:

subscriber Required Address of recipient of mail being sent
subject Required Email subject
html Required* HTML content of mail
text Required* Text content of mail
from Optional “From” field - default will appear if left empty
from_name Optional “From name” field - default will appear if left empty
reply_to Optional “Reply to” field - default will appear if left empty
encoding Optional Coding to appear in sent mail. The default is UTF-8. Remember that mail must be delivered in same encoding as that identified in parameters
Supported codes are: UTF-8, iso-8859-2
attachments Optional Link to attachments to mail. Maximum size is 0.5 MB
tracking Optional Value field is 0/1. Select 1 to enable behavioural tracking codes
Note: This means that the domain in which the links appear will be changed and the HTML image will be added to the tracking image.
domain Optional Domains for rebranding, active values only if mail tracking is activated. If value is empty default will be activated.
tag Optional Tag according to type of mail. Tags cause transactional mails to be divided into groups. Sample tags: Reminder mails, confirmation mails, etc.


Error codes:

1201 Error in subscriber address
1202 No email subject
1203 No HTML or text content
1204 Error in “reply to” address
1205 Error in sender address
1206 Sender name cannot be empty
1207 Daily limit of mails exceeded
1208 Unsupported coding
1209 Error in attachment link
1210 Attached file doesn’t exist
1211 Maximum attachment size exceeded
1212 Error in rebranding domain, verify if domain is activated
1213 Error in campaign tags (too long or includes unsupported characters)
1250 System error, mail not sent
1251 Admin block, mail not sent to particular subscriber