Controller is used for checking e-mails whether they are likely to be put in a spam folder.

Checking conformity with SpamAssassin filters

Method is used for testing how many spam points the particular message will get in SpamAssassin filter and why.

Remember: Not all email systems use this software. Result is for reference only and can differ in case of other e-mail program configurations. Positive result (under 5.0 spam points) does not mean that other anti-spam filters will not stop your message.





  subject Required  Email subject
  from Optional Sender's address
  from_name Optional Sender's name
  html Optional *) Html content
  text Optional*) Text content

*) *) At least one of these fields must not be empty 


Returned data:

  tests List of anti-spam tests not passed by the email
  score Total points granted in anti-spam tests


Error codes:

  1901 No subject
  1902 Inappropriate address of "from” sender
  1904 No email content
  1906 Checking system error
  1907 Exceeded maximum number of tests during one day