The controller can be used to check emails for content likely to be labeled as spam.

Checking for consistency with SpamAssassin filters

Messages are examined for spam points and the grade likely to be assigned by SpamAssassin.

Remember: Not all email service providers use this programming, results are subjective and the configurations of other programs may produce different results. Passing results on one test do not guarantee similar results on another.

Call: /rest/spam_test/check


subject Required Email subject
from Optional Sender address
from_name Optional Sender name
html Optional *) HTML content
text Optional *) Text content

*) At least one field must be completed

Returned Data:

tests List of antispam tests not applied
score Summary of assigned spam points

Error codes:

1901 No subject
1902 Incorrect “from” address
1904 No mail content
1906 Error in verification system
1907 Maximum number of daily tests exceeded