Reports – reports from a campaign

Controller is used for downloading reports from and lists with sent campaigns.

Downloading a list of sent campaigns

GET /rest/reports/campaignsList/[page]


Data in GET:

page Optional Number of page from the campaign. By default, first page is downloaded.

In response, server will return a list of 25 campaigns.


Returned data:

name Campaign name
topic E-mail subject in campaign
subscribers Number of mailed subscribers
id_hash Unique campaign identifier
sent Campaign sending date, format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss



Downloading cumulative report from a campaign




Data w GET:

id_hash Required Unique campaign identifier. It can be obtained by recalling /rest/reports/campaignsList method


Returned data:

subscribers Number of all subscribers to which the campaign was sent
delivered Number of delivered messages
hard_bounce Number of "hard” bounced messages(
soft_bounce Number of "soft” bounced messages (
opened Number of all opened messages
clicked Number of all clicked urls
unique_opened Number of unique message openings
unique_clicked Number of unique message clicks
resigned Number of resigned subscribers

Downloading subscriber's behaviour in time


GET /rest/reports/campaignTimeDetails/[id_hash]


Data w GET:

id_hash Required  Unique campaign id; it can be obtained by recalling /rest/reports/campaignsList method


Returned data:

table with subsequent subscribers' actions in time:

"time":"2012-03-26 16:50"},
"time":"2012-03-27 08:30"}


opened Number of all openings within a particular period of time
clicked Number of all clicks within a particular period of time
unique_opened Number of unique opened e-mails within a particular period of time
sunique_clicked Number of unique e-mails with clicked url within a particular period of time
time Time in "yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm” format, window resolution is 10 minutes


Error codes:

1401 Incorrect page number
1402 Campaign with defined id_hash does not exist