Sending a campaign

What to use for your “from email”?

Using addresses from free email service providers as a from email in your campaign can cause a significant drop in the deliverability rate of your messages. This is a result of security measures taken recently by many of the largest email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL. We have put together this guide to help you understand how all of this works and what kind of sending addresses deliver the best results.

How to use the Follow-Up Autoresponder

If you want a recipient who opens a message sent by a Click Autoresponder or Open Autoresponder to automatically get another message, select the Follow-Up Autoresponder. Using this feature allows you to create a series of messages all triggered by subscriber actions.

How to use the Open Autoresponder

If you want your recipients to get an automatic follow-up message from you if they open a particular email, select the ‘Campaign opens’ autoresponder. This functionality allows you to quickly react to a demonstrated interested in your offer.

How to use the Click Autoresponder

If you want your recipient to get an automatic message from you after clicking a link in one of your campaigns, select the ‘Clicks on link’ autoresponder. This function allows you to adjust the content that you send to the preferences and needs of your subscribers.

How does the Sending Time Optimizer work?

The Sending Time Optimizer is an innovative solution for automatically conducting tests which until recently had to be done manually. The Sending Time Optimizer allows you to see the times at which you get the best conversion rates.

How to use the Sign-Up Autoresponder

If you want a subscriber to get a series of messages after subscribing to a list, for example with different parts of an online offer, select the ‘Signup to subscriber list’ autoresponder. This function will let you automate your messages sent in response to customer actions.

How to use the Cycle Autoresponder

Some of our clients send their newsletters quite regularly and if you’re in this group, the ‘Cyclical campaign’ autoresponder has been created just for you. This function allows you to send  campaigns automatically.

Library – create, edit and sort the templates all in one place!

The FreshMail Template Library is designed both to save your time and to make your newsletters more effective. It gives you the possibility to create, edit and manage templates without the need to create a campaign. You can prepare perfect templates on your own schedule and then use them anytime!

First steps in FreshMail

If you about to start your FreshMail adventure, you’re in the right place. We have prepared a few important links for you to separate articles that cover various important aspects of what FreshMail can do for you.


The FreshMail system offers geotargeting on the basis of a geographical tag assigned to each customer using the IP address from which the confirmation of the subscription to your newsletter was made. Geotargeting is possible only when using the Double Opt-In option, which is discussed in a separate entry.

How to personalize your emails

FreshMail allows you to personalize your email both the subject line as it appears in the subscriber’s inbox and in the text of the message.

Targeting your lists

Database segmenting has never been as simple and effective as it is today. Using an essentially unlimited number of defined extra fields,  you can use your collected data to target your mailings in a way that will optimize your response rate. 

Let’s take a look at how it works by assuming that you’re starting a campaign targeted at a certain geographic region. 

Adding tags in FreshMail

Smart design and flexibility facilitate your work at every step in FreshMail. But there’s something else you can use to get the most out of your campaign and we think that this feature will help you to get even more out of your online marketing.

Your registration confirmation email and what it should look like

When choosing the Double Opt-In option on your sign-up page, the system automatically sends an email with an activation link to your new subscribers. You can use the default message in FreshMail or you can personalize it. If you choose the second option, we’ve put together a few tips to help you compose the content of that message.

What A/B split testing does and how to use it to your advantage

The ‘subject’ line of a newsletter and the ‘from’ name are two of the most important factors influencing whether or not an email will be opened. A/B split tests allow you to determine which of two different ‘subject’ and ‘from’ lines are more effective.

Regulating the frequency of your emails to subsribers

Effective email marketing is a mix of good content and appropriate frequency of deliveries. However, as in all things, you need to exercise restraint and not overwhelm your subscribers with too many messages. FreshMail makes it easy to automatically regulate the intervals between your email campaigns.

Email attachments

Emails with attachments are not always warmly received by subscribers and can be difficult to manage from a technical perspective,  especially when the size of the file attached makes the message vulnerable to being blocked by antivirus and anti-spam programs.

However, it may happen that you are, say, creating a campaign to send to your editors, agents or sales representative and you need to send a simple text attachment to multiple recipients.

How to send a campaign from FreshMail

Ok, so you have entered your subscriber list in your FreshMail account and you’re ready to send your first campaign. Now let’s go from Start to Finish through the Campaign Creator and show you how to get your message out there!

How the Inbox Test works

Before sending a campaign, the Inbox Test will show you how your message will be displayed in various common email service providers. This allows you to confirm that it will be legible and properly coded for a given provider. Currently, FreshMail can conduct a Screen Test for more than twenty of the biggest email service providers. 

How to download a template from a website to use in FreshMail

In FreshMail’s Campaign Creator, you can use our template library, create your own template or import one to use. FreshMail allows the direct download of your newsletter template from your website. For example, let’s say that the address: includes your latest newsletter. Just type this address in FreshMail and the newsletter will automatically be retrieved. 

Adding a resignation link to your messages

Each outgoing message from the FreshMail system must contain what is called a ‘resignation link’, which allows a subscriber to easily unsubscribe the from a mailing list. A resignation link is more than just good practice, it is a required part of any email sent through FreshMail.

Adding preview links

The results of research conducted by FreshMail show that even the most commonly used email providers sometimes have problems with the proper display of emails. Adding a preview link to your message is a way to ensure that all the information in your message gets through.

Html or text?

You can use either HTML or TXT formats when creating your campaign in FreshMail. This option ensures that you will be able to send your message in a form that can reach the inbox of everyone on your subscriber list.

FreshMail Code Inspector

FreshMail Code Inspector is your safeguard against common fundamental mistakes in the creation stage of your email campaign.

What is campaign moderation about?

Our customer service makes sure that emails sent through FreshMail meet the highest standards of professional email marketing. To maintain this high level of performance, we use a system of moderation oversight to verify that communications sent from FreshMail comply with those standards.

The importance of ‘Parameters’ in your email campaign

Before you get to the graphic design stage of your email campaign, there are six practical things you need to take care of first.

At first glance, these steps can appear so simple and basic that you might be tempted to rush through them so you can get to the fun and creative stage of the FreshMail campaign creator. Doing that would be a mistake, though, because this stage requires more consideration than you might think. Let’s go line by line through the ‘Parameters’ page.