How to download a template from a website to use in FreshMail

In FreshMail's Campaign Creator, you can use our template library, create your own template or import one to use. FreshMail allows the direct download of your newsletter template from your website. For example, let's say that the address: includes your latest newsletter. Just type this address in FreshMail and the newsletter will automatically be retrieved. 

How to download a template from a website into FreshMail

In the third step of the Campaign Creator - 'Content' - you are able to choose the source of the template you will use for your email. Near the top right corner of the page you will see the 'Import' icon, just below the yellow 'Save and exit' icon. Click on 'Import' and you will see this pop-up window:

Importing a template

The window gives you the option of importing a template by uploading it from your computer or by downloading it from a web page. Click on the 'Download from URL address' tab. Enter the address in the field provided and then click 'Import'. The system will retrieve it and scan it for potential problems. 

If the template is accepted it will appear in the editor, where you can change it as you like.