Html or text?

You can use either HTMLFormat HTML + TXTWiadomość, która zawiera format HTML i TXT. Programy pocztowe, które nie będą mogły odtworzyć wiadomości w formacie HTML, wyświetlą ją w formacie TXT. Należy pamiętać, że wyświetlenie wiadomości w formacie TXT uniemożliwi zraportowanie jej w kontekście otwarć. or TXT formats when creating your campaign in FreshMail. This option ensures that you will be able to send your message in a form that can reach the inbox of everyone on your subscriber list.

What is the difference?

Designing an email using HTML allows you to employ graphics to create more visually attractive emails and to track things like your Open RateOpen rate (OR)Procentowy wskaźnik, który pokazuje stosunek unikalnie wyświetlonych wiadomości do wiadomości wysłanych. and Click Rate. Some of your subscribers, however, may not be able to see these messages depending on the capabilities and settings of their email service provider.

Emails created with only with TXT can be delivered to and seen in every email inbox but they do have not the visual appeal and tracking capabilities of HTML messages.


The recommended option is a combination of both HTML and TXT. This way, if the message in HTML does not reach the subscriber, he can still see the TXT version.

TXT version is possible to create only in case of CK Editor. FreshMail Designer creates templates only in HTML.

How and where to choose

On the ‘Content’ page of the Campaign Creator, you can use sliders on the left hand side of the screen to adjust the settings for using HTML and TXT.