Where Words Fall Short, RICH MEDIA Comes to Your Rescue…

Rich Media in Emails gives you a subtle visual experience that sometimes words can’t. If we go by the definition of Rich Media, it is a broad range of interactive digital media that exhibit dynamic motion, taking advantage of enhanced sensory features such as video, audio, and animation.  

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Emails have totally metamorphosed from what they used to be with the dawn of Static images, GIFs, Cinemagraphs, and Videos. Email marketing is no longer about sending out drab plain text emails that people read and forget. It is more about creating a visual appeal and enhancing user experience through emails that subscribers will look forward to.

Attractive and relevant images in emails can engage the subscribers a lot better than content-heavy emails. 

If we still rise a step above, we have GIFs in emails. For marketers who wish to display substantial content in limited space, animated GIFs are the best idea.

You can include videos in emails to showcase your company’s offerings and share explainer videos of your products. It is a good idea to add videos in event invitations to drive better conversions and get more booth visits.

Are you pondering over the resources and expenses that would go in the creation of videos, and the file size? Well, in that case, you can use cinemagraphs in emails. They create an illusion of a video through seamless looping. The focus of animation is on a single element as a result of which you can direct the attention of your subscribers to the part you wish to highlight through the email. Also, the file size is not that big.

To get a detailed insight into Rich Media in Email Marketing, EmailMonks present to you an interesting infographic that covers the most important aspects to be considered by email marketers.

BONUS: You get a Free Ebook that helps you decide: What to Choose for your Email Campaign – GIFs, Cinemagraph or Video.

Rich Media Infographic

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