An average corporate employee sends and receives about 100 emails per day. These are:

  • business emails,
  • private emails,
  • commercial emails.

If you send commercial emails, you have to pay special attention to three things that will help you effectively reach your business target and increase the number of clicks. 


1. Make your message interesting

The subject line of your email is your first and often only chance to draw your recipient's attention. You have to remember that he or she is usually very choosy and will only spare a couple of seconds to read your message. Therefore, you must make a good first impression, just like when you meet someone for the first time. 

Internet specialists have coined the term 'banner blindness' which means paying almost no attention to internet marketing banners. This term can also be used in email marketing. That's why you need to personalize your message, use special characters, or questions to spur your target to action. There's a good reason why all of these things are called 'calls to action'.   

Don't be afraid of experimenting and making brave decisions. Your chances of success are higher if you play on emotions and appeal to what consumers want. 


2. Tell a story

If you persuade your addressee to spare a few moments to read your message, make sure you make most of that time. You have to create a story in which you should:

  • spark interest (partly achieved in the subject line),
  • select the most characteristic feature of your product (a unique feature that may call your addressee to the desired action),
  • and a clear encouragement to act (click, check, read more, next, etc.)

Remember he or she will only give a quick look at your email, so make sure your story is short and highlights unique features. You will give him/her more details later if the curious addressee decides to take the next step. 

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3. Show them you care

The reporting system lets you follow the statistics in detail. Spare some time to analyse them. See who reads your emails more often, who reads them from time to time, and who never reads them. Maybe you should put some extra value on those most interested. Then, make sure you adjust your email to them, try to start a dialogue, gather as much information as possible and make proper use of it. Show them that his/her consent to receive your email will result in mutual benefits.   


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  • Jordie van Rijn

    Ever wonder why toothpaste is always “new and improved”? New is the copilot of interesting. So i think you nailed it Paulina saying that you need to try new things.

    • Paulina

      Sure you’re right :) I really like Your metaphore with toothpaste!