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Paweł Sala

How to define customer value through RFM analysis

Find out how to define customer value through RFM analysis. Learn how to use it to Lead Scoring and what Response Rate means. You can use these techniques for more than measuring customers.

Don’t miss out on these email marketing trends of 2016

Find out what to expect regarding email marketing trends and good practices. This will definitely help you plan your marketing mix for 2016.

Safe Harbour ends, so what next?

The European Courts issued a ruling in response to a complaint by Austrian citizen Max Schrems  against the way American-based internet companies processed and stored the personal data of their customers. This decision placed a huge question mark over the future of the movement of transatlantic data.

The latest version of FreshMail is here! Take a look at what’s new

I’m proud to be able to tell you about the latest version of FreshMail. The main idea behind the changes was to create a more functional, cleaner and flatter interface. The speed of the application has also been increased so now you can get your email marketing campaign going even faster.

Engagement – the new fight against email spam

Given the influence that Gmail has on deliverability as a result of their dominance as an email service provider, you might be interested in learning more about what they have to say about making sure your messages reach inboxes instead of spam folders.

Get ready for FreshForm – FreshMail’s offline revolution

At FreshMail, we like to look for new solutions to help our customers make their work easier. This time, we’ve made something that will change your whole approach to email marketing... offline. We’re getting ready to introduce FreshForm.

FreshMail’s new look is coming soon!

We’re always looking for new ways to improve your experience with FreshMail. This summer, our online face is going to change and it looks like we will be ready in about a month.

FreshMail 6.0 is here!

FreshMail 6.0 is up and running and it’s packed with new features that we’ve been working on for while.

Here it is – our 2015 Best Practices for Email Newsletter Coding!

This year, our annual analysis of the CSS support properties of all the most popular email services goes into more detail than ever before. We've broken down all the statistics chart-by-chart with everything you need to know to make sure your newsletters display perfectly.

New templates in FreshMail!

Our templates library is now even bigger. Now you can browse from among dozens of beautiful designs and select whatever works for you. There is something for everyone and more templates are being added all the time.

Updated, expanded, faster and easier – FreshMail Designer 2.0 is here!

In the 13 months since the premier of FreshMail Designer we have gathered a great amount of feedback and opinions about how can improve it in order to enable you to create beautiful email marketing campaigns even more easily and effectively. Today we are proud to present the new, improved and faster FreshMail Designer 2.0.

5 Things YouTube can teach you about email marketing

This post will concentrate on how YouTube works and the lessons you can apply to your own marketing activities. If you are still in the early stages of the learning curve of how to effectively get your message out to your subscribers, take a look at these five lessons that YouTube can teach beginners in the world of email marketing.

The 7 best shopping cart softwares

One of the first and most important choices you have to make in the process of setting up an internet store is which software to use. There are lots of options available on the market today, from free platforms to dedicated solutions created specifically for you. We’ve put together a list of seven of the most popular softwares that could be right for you.

Email marketing conferences and summits

You might think that you know just about everything you need to know about email marketing. All you have to do is put together a visually appealing message with a concise but compelling text, send it to your database and then wait for the response. I mean, you learned how to do it a few years ago so you know all you need to know, right? 

The march toward mobile moves on – keep up or get left behind

The number of emails that are opened on mobile devices continues to rise with each passing year. It’s enough to look at your own habits and those of the people around you to see the trend for yourself. What does this mean for you when it's time to create, design and send your next campaign?

Three things from current email marketing research that you should know

In this article we want to share three brief items with you - a bit of good news, a warning and one of the most basic but helpful tips anyone sending an email marketing campaign can follow. Find out what are these.

How to build a content rich newsletter

Email marketing is one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools commonly used to lead subscribers to your website, to shop and buy. Relatively inexpensive, a well targeted newsletter can create truly outstanding results. Unfortunately only about 4 % of people visiting our website are ready for an instant purchase. The vast majority need time to think.