Let’s face it, the fundamentals of Ecommerce are pretty simple. You just want to sell more stuff, more often to more people.

The trouble is that increasingly you’re being squeezed out by the 900lbs of the Ecommerce Jungle.

And that’s what it is - a Jungle.

These companies have got a ton of cash to throw at pay per click. They’ve got marketing teams with huge budgets. You just can’t match them.

You need a way to level the playing field. And that’s where Ecommerce Content Marketing and Email marketing comes in.

Would you like to master your email and content strategy? Watch our webinar and learn about content and email marketing in Ecommerce:

Why Content Marketing is essential for Ecommerce?

The thing is that savvy Ecommerce retailers have noticed a change in consumer habits over the last few years. They’re increasingly immune to top down, in your face advertising. There’s been a shift towards a more content focused approach.

And that’s not just because it look nice. It’s a hard nosed realization that great content is good for business.

And the good news? Anyone can do it - you included. You just need to understand the rules and you need to follow the proven frameworks that we will introduce to you. There’s no need to re-invent the wheel. It’s all been done before - you just need to adapt it for your business.

In our webinar we show you:

  • How to identify Influencers who will promote your content
  • How to use proven content frameworks for Authority and backlinks
  • How to use proven content frameworks for Conversion
  • How to promote your content for backlinks, shares and to gain authority

Why retailers need email marketing?

Having an eCommerce business is a 24/7 job! But do you know when your online customers are most ready and willing to make a purchase? One of these moments include the moment right after signing up for the newsletter.

Among other tasks, running a newsletter is a major help to build and maintain a relationship with customers, and also re-target. According to Custora Q1 report, email marketing accounted for over 18% of purchases in eCommerce. That is 3% more than during the same timeframe in 2015!

In our webinar we show you:

  • How to  build a subscribers database from scratch
  • How to deliver updates on new products, current offers and special personalized deals for different subscriber segments.
  • How to personalize and automate your emails, including win-back emails successful in re-engaging your customers.
  • How to boost sales with life event triggers, such as birthdays or anniversaries and send special autoresponders with tailored offers.
  • How to create a loyal community of customers.

Wrap up

A well-designed content marketing and email marketing strategy can take your sales higher than ever before.

Pickaweb and FreshMail has teamed up together to present the best tactics to grow, remain effective and achieve success in retail through the use of Content Marketing and Email Marketing.

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