Do you want to start email marketing but don’t know which tools to use and which factors to consider when making your decision? Email is still considered the most effective digital tool for marketers and there are hundreds of options to choose from. Let’s see how to pick the best one based on your needs, trends and one factor that affects every aspect of your work - email marketing customer service.

What’s the situation and future of email marketing?

Ninety-two percent of internet users have an email account, making them all potential customers in email marketing. Also, studies show that email marketing can provide an ROI up to 3800% but to achieve that, you need to choose the right email marketing tool that provides the functionalities nessessary for today’s digital marketing.

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The effectiveness of email marketing gives it priority as a digital marketing channel. Even the rapidly growing popularity of social media marketing doesn’t make email redundant - there’s still a 5 times greater chance that a subscriber read an email message than a Facebook or Twitter post. Therefore, there’s no reason to think that email will become useless in the modern marketing world. Actually, it could become even more important and profitable because of the following trends and data:

Marketing automation will continue to grow

Thanks to automation technologies, digital marketing actions based on the behaviour of visitors to a website gets easier and more profitable, which in turn makes it more and more popular. Just from 2011 to 2014, the number of companies using marketing automation grew eleven-fold! Meanwhile, 95% of companies using marketing automation also saw profits from email marketing.

According to Forrester Reasearch (Forrester Wave Email Marketing Vendors 2016) email automation is one of the most desired tools for email marketers. Current adoption exceeds 60%.

1. Triggered transactional email (51% more than 3 years, 20% 1 – 3 years)
2. Triggers (40% more than 3 years, 42% 1 – 3 years)

This trend will develop further in the next few years so make sure you choose email marketing software that provides automation functions.

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Segmentation and targeting are and will be priorities

The era of massive, non-targeted campaigns sent to random groups of people is long gone. Now, targeting is nesessary and always generates higher profits. Seventy-four percent of marketers claim that well-targeted mailings drastically increase subscriber engagement and, when combined with segmentation, generate 58% of all email marketing revenue. Segmentation alone can lead to a 760% increase of revenue. Not using segmentation is like walking away from money on the table.

Personalisation will still boost conversions

Just using a subscriber’s name in an email subject line increases its open rate because it gets attention. Put this fact to work to boost the effectiveness of your campaigns with personalisation tools. Campaigns that contain personalised content are opened 26% more often and get a 14% higher CTR. Personalized mailings can also generate 10% better conversion rates, which is pure profit for you. In the coming years, companies that don’t use personalisation will have trouble optimising their newsletters and revenue, so keep in mind that your email marketing tool has to supply you with the tools you need to personalise your messages.

These trends show that email marketing, combined with automation, personalisation and segmentation will generate enormously high profits and still be one of the priority channels in digital marketing. There is, however, one essential factor that affects the effecticeness of all your email marketing efforts - email marketing customer service.

Email marketing customer service for a better customer experience

Not every kind of email marketing customer service works the same way or delivers the same results. The first level of customer service is the call center. The next is service through email and social media and telephone contact is also not uncommon. The model that you should aim for is what is commonly referred to as a customer success team, which lets clients contact you in a variety of ways and at times that are convenient for them. Customer success teams are different in that they have people with knowledge that lets them own on solve problems themselves without having to send them to other people or departments.

Even the best marketing tools can cause problems that you won’t be able to solve by yourself and that’s where email marketing customer service comes in. In many cases, it is the only way to get the help you need to solve your problems. Without that service, the success of your campaigns is threatened.

What kind of threats do you expose yourself to?

Wasting time and money while waiting for a response

Even some of the most popular email marketing software providers allow you to contact them only by email or on social media like Twitter or Facebook. It takes a lot more time to communicate that way than by phone, so in case of trouble, all of your work and results are put on hold while whoever you’re depending on gets back to you.

FAQs, blogs and manuals can’t solve all problems

Guides can be useful and teach you many important things, but it’s not enough when it comes to unexpected problems. The bigger a system is, the more unusual and problematic situations can occur while using it. On the other hand, some guides or wikis are so extensive that you won’t be able to read all of them or find solutions suited for your case. Only people who understand that particular tool can help you properly and the best way to do that is by talking with them directly - by phone or live chat.

You can avoid all of these threats and save yourself a lot of time and money if you choose email marketing system that provides great software along with flexible customer service.



How does FreshMail provide great email marketing customer service?

Clients who change their previous email marketing software to FreshMail say that one of the main reasons for the change is our email marketing customer service. We put a lot of effort to meeting client needs and being as helpful as possible. We’re committed to helping you to make your email marketing a success and here are some reasons why our customer service is miles ahead of everyone else:

24/7 telephone service

Questions can come up at any time and nobody wants to wait until when you need an answer now. Call us anytime, day or night, and get the help you need right away.

First response after 15 minutes or less

Some companies make you wait way too long for the answer or they even don’t answer at all. We do everything we can to answer you in 15 minutes or less providing the best solution possible. That means you can start solving your problems almost right after they occur.

We have a great blog and quality manuals, but we always try to help you personally before referring you to them

As I mentioned before, advanced email marketing systems require extensive manuals that not everyone has time to read. We want to provide you the best and fastest advice possible, so we prefer consulting with you personally rather than just sending links referring to our knowledge base. You can and should read them, but it you have questions - feel free to ask.

Everyone in our email marketing customer service is an expert in email marketing

Some companies answer only technical questions about their software or redirect you to other departments where you can get additional help. We understand that customer service should reach far beyond just operating software. Our consultants have a deep understanding of digital marketing to help you better promote your business with FreshMail.

Live chat is always available on our homepage

You can also use live chat to contact us. During business hours, chat is managed by the sales team. Later, the email marketing customer service watches over it, ready to provide the best help possible.

StephenSydenhamCustomer service is the face of any email marketing company. It is the point of contact for all potential and existing customers. A good customer service agent or account manager will know all the possibilities within their own platform and keep up to date with all the FAQ's and trends within their own market. Here at FreshMail the email marketing customer service team is both well informed and professional. This is achieved by supplying them with a fully supportive working environment and workspace. With constant market updates and workshops to keep the team as up to date possible alongside market leading software, work practices and ethics, the FreshMail customer service team work hard to keep themselves ahead of the rest to ensure a timely and efficient, as well as effective, response to any and all customer inquiries.

Stephen Sydenham
Key Account Manager at FreshMail


We’re proud that in addition to outstanding software, our customer service constantly strives to be among the best in the industry. See for yourself just what a different out email marketing customer service can make to your campaigns by opening a free account today!

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