Your task it to create a good newsletter. Don’t know where to start or what to do? Don’t worry, you are in good hands. Just keep reading for everything you need to know!

FreshMail is an intuitive system that allows you to create and send newsletters. Thanks to our innovative program for creating and editing newsletter templates - FreshMail Designer - you can create your own project without the support of professional graphic programs like Photoshop. There is also a wide selection of free templates created by award-winning designers. Check it now and sign up for a free account.

How to create a newsletter

There really is no need to waste time worrying about how you're going to create a great newsletter. Start using innovative solutions and benefit from email marketing best practices. We offer you the most intuitive tools for behavioral targeting, anti-spam testing, A/B testing, email clients, social media support and much more. From now on designing an effective email marketing campaign is easy!

Ready templates created by the best designers

Depending on your needs you can use ready newsletter templates with many different functional layouts and redesign them till you get the ‘wow' effect you're after. You can also create your newsletter from scratch using FreshMail Designer - this tool allows you to shape visually stunning newsletters with the use of the drag & drop method. You can choose from thousands images and graphics from our library. Your can build your message like Lego bricks - pick from many types of blocks to compose a beautiful whole.

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Thanks tests you will increase deliverability and effectiveness of your newsletters

Different email services interpret HTML code in different ways. That’s why coding newsletters in HTML in such a way as to ensure that they display properly in common email services is not an easy task. Code Inspector recognizes automatically many of the most common coding mistakes and suggests ways to eliminate them. Screen Tests let you see how your newsletter will look in many popular email services (web, mobile and desktop). Antispam Tests check if your message will be classified as spam and advise you on what to improve to reduce the risk.

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Database targeting - a newsletter that fits the recipient

FreshMail allows you to gather any amount of details about your newsletters subscribers. As a result, you can segment your database and send more accurate campaigns. For instance, you can target subscribers by geographical location or by their actions in previous campaigns. The possibilities of this tool are limited only by your imagination.

Databases targeting

Recipient list preparation

Do you have your own recipient list? If you’ve already gathered addresses you just need to upload the list to the system and move to the next step. If you don’t have subscribers yet, learn how to easily and effective create a subscribers list.

Tracking results in real time

You can view reports in real-time as soon as you send your campaign. Every good mailing involves an analysis of the results of previous campaigns. The basic indicators are: Open Rate, Clickthrough Rate, Bounces and Number of Unsubscribes.

Tracking results in real time

Enlarging the base of subscribers

Keep in mind that one of the main tasks of an email marketer is dealing with the constant challenge of enlarging the base of subscribers. You always have to think about where a potential subscriber could possibly sign up for your list. FreshMail helps out by making it easy to generate a sign-up form to place on your own website.

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 Creating a newsletter doesn't demand long hours spent on studies, a huge budget or even advanced technical skills. Try our FreshMail free account to find out how easy it can be!

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