Optimizing email newsletters for mobile devices is a must. Not only are more and more users checking their mail on smartphones but the number of transactions made on mobile devices continues to grow ever upward. Significantly, 81% of those purchases are made spontaneously. So why are so many of us buying on impulse?

First priority? Make it fun and simple to shop online

We’re buying more and more through mobile devices for a few reasons. First of all, technology has advanced to the point where many of the differences between smartphones and laptops have disappeared. The time when all phones did was make calls and send text messages is long gone. Now we use smartphones like a pocket-sized PC - to surf the internet, chat on social media, check email and shop til we drop.

Also, we have less and less time to look at the avalanche of ads and newsletters that find their way to our inboxes. We’ve learned to do read through them selectively. That means we now prefer to go through them while we kill time while on the way to work or standing in line at the post office. In short, we have put ourselves in a position to make spontaneous decisions about online offers.

The basis for responsiveness and optimization

A lack of time means that we use mobile applications to pay bills, arrange a taxi and shop online. The biggest players in the world of ecommerce, like Amazon and eBay, and smaller players alike have made investments to refine and improve their mobile shopping applications. It’s still worth starting by optimizing your site for mobile visitors and designing your newsletters for display on small screens.

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Start by imagining what your newsletter looks like on a smartphone. Answer questions like these:

  • is it transparent?
  • are the texts and graphics clear?
  • do the CTA buttons stand out?
  • does it take too long to scroll around it?
  • are you using optimal width?
  • is the preheader used properly?

If you’re not sure about any of these points, take a look at our infographic.

responsive email design



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  • Jim Soreno

    This is a great infographic! With all the talk of responsive websites, it seems that email on mobile devices is being ignored. It’s great to see this being addressed by Freshmail.

  • http://freshmail.com/ Gabby

    Excellent Infographic shared! It was indeed very helpful. Thanks Joanna :)