How to easily and effectively create an email database

Struggle to create an email address database? Check how you can do it fast.

How to create a newsletter

You’ve got a task - create a good newsletter. You don’t know where to start and what is the crux of it? Don’t worry, you are in good hands. Sit down comfortably and find out our reliable way to create a good newsletter.

How to build emailing campaigns and newsletters – eye tracking in email marketing

Do you know how important the layout of your newsletter is in order to boost your email marketing driven sales? You are often in a dilemma as to which element to get rid of to make your newsletter more readable, well converted but eye-catching? No worries. You will find the answers in the Edisonda's report: 'Eyetracking in email marketing'.

Three reasons why your clients will hang your email on their wall

An average corporate worker sends and receives about 100 emails per day. These are: business emails, private emails, commercial emails. If you are a sender of the commercial ones, you have to pay special attention to three things that will help you effectively reach your business target and enhance the number of clicks. 

12 features of a good mass mailing system

FreshMail has always valued the opinion of our users therefore we have collected their opinions and we have decided to share them with you and present features that a good mass mailing system should have. Please find below 12 features which are the most desirable ones according to our Customers.

The most effective ways to advertise online

Are you a novice entrepreneur considering making investments so that the customers will find out about you? Or maybe your current business is in need of a push and you are looking for the most effective ways to advertise? The following post will deal with the question how to do it online.

Newsletter, mailing or autoresponder?

Email marketing is becoming more credible. The campaigns in which it is present are rewarded in a variety of contests. The results of the campaigns, which are described in the reports, speak for themselves. It is difficult to question the thesis that email marketing sells and is useful.

How to build a content rich newsletter

Email marketing is one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools commonly used to lead subscribers to your website, to shop and buy. Relatively inexpensive, a well targeted newsletter can create truly outstanding results. Unfortunately only about 4 % of people visiting our website are ready for an instant purchase. The vast majority need time to think.