Let’s be honest. Nobody really likes talking to a person who sounds like a robot, let alone receiving an email that sounds stiff or too formal - unless of course it’s a business proposal or job offer.

In today’s tech age - ironically - the more personal, the better. This goes for everything: dating, social networking, marketing, advertising, customer service, and emailing.

If an email seems like a template or generic, professionals can easily detect. In their years of mastering their crafts, they can easily tell because they’ve already received hundreds or thousands of them.

Email personalization improves your communication

Personalization is the foundation of effective email marketing communication. 

Just using the name of the recipient in email subject line can increase Open Rate by up to 126%.

Good personalization means using every piece of information you have about subscribers to create the most highly personalized content possible. This is where the use of dynamic content and the power to automatically create newsletter content on the basis of behavioral data comes in.

"Hello John!

You have recently read and shared my blog post about making compelling visual content. I just wanted to share with you another post that might spark your interest. Let me know what you think!"

Keep it personal but…

Though personalized emails are more effective, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to write a long essay or mention unnecessary things.

In email outreach it’s still always best to keep it short and simple especially if you’re emailing well known people such as CEOs, Founders, and Influencers.

These kinds of professionals know how to spend their time and they wouldn’t really waste time reading a long email from someone they don’t really know. So best to not beat around the bush and be direct with them.

If they’re interested, they will tell you. If they’re not, they will also tell you. The point is to always move on and keep going until you’ve reached your email marketing goals.

So What Now?

Draft your email. Edit, edit, and edit until it really seems like it is sent by a real human being and it is straightforward.

And if you’re nervous about sending an email to a famous CEO or influencer, here’s a great list from Aaron Orendorff of iconiContent.

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