Since cart abandonment rates have reached a whopping 74.52% it’s extremely curtail to have a plan chalked out to win back those customers.

A great well-planned and flawless cart abandonment email strategy can help you get over those abandonment woes and give a boost to conversions. This Infographic by InboxArmy is your one stop solution to a great tour through the process and emails that e-commerce marketers can send to get their sales on track.

Check out the cart abandonment email Infographic below! Click to enlarge :)

Welcome email template

Key Takeways!

  1. Subscribers who receive welcome emails show 33% more engagement with the brand. It sets the tone of your email relationship with your subscriber.
  2. Welcome emails should be sent as soon as possible. They create great benefits for the brand and also augment the attention bonus.
  3. Consider adding whitelist or “safe sender” instructions to your welcome email template.
  4. Familiarizing subscribers with your emails more likely helps your future messages to be opened. This helps drive immediate response through appropriate links and CTAs.
  5. Create an open platform for feedbacks, reviews, collecting social and personal information, etc.
  6. Consider trying a combination of offline and online signup methods for the best chance at increasing and expanding your list.
  7. Social links must be a part of your email. Giving welcome offers to share on these social networking platforms can be key to a great ROI.
  8. Always give support and service information in welcome email templates.
  9. Add trending features and highlight important information within the email, especially your CTA for an increased ROI.

After you've learned how to craft a perfect Welcome Email, get 5 times more out of your welcome messages!

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