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What to expect in email marketing in 2017

Are you curious what to expect in email marketing in 2017? Learn about the trends and predictions about email -  the digital channel with an outrageous ROI.

Plan eCommerce strategy for Black Friday and the hottest selling season of the year!

Retailers fight to best capture consumers interest. Are you in the game? Plan eCommerce strategy for Black Friday and the rest of holiday shopping season.

4 essentials of email campaign strategy that drives results

Take a look at these 4 key areas of email campaign strategy and make certain that your campaigns work well and deliver results in 2017 and beyond.

Unwanted marketing email… ain’t nobody got time for that

Who did see James Veitch hilarious TedTalk, hands up! Laugh and learn: check what email marketers should take out from James speech.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Why you should not fall for these 8 email marketing myths

This infographic puts together 8 email marketing myths that you shouldn’t fall for. Get actionable advice and description about every single myth!

[Report] Social shoppers – the future of ecommerce

2.5 million Brits say they are buying on mobile daily. Social shoppers are the most engaged group in ecommerce. What does it mean for retailers?

Gmail address of the sender? Your email won’t be delivered

Are you sending your newsletter with a personal address at If so, the latest DMARC policy changes introduced by Gmail will affect you directly.

FreshMail at B2B Marketing Expo London

FreshMail had the pleasure of attending the B2B Marketing Expo at London’s ExCel Centre.

Latest email marketing trends from the Mail My Day Conference 2016

Check the latest email marketing trends discussed on Mai My Day - email conference and a platform which helps marketers learn, share, and grow.

Email marketing growth hacks – part 1

Check these email marketing growth hacks and kickstart your business.

The science of lead nurturing with autoresponders

Find out how to use lead nurturing with autoresponders as a key process to your business growth.

Free use of Facebook to drive high email conversion rates

Find out how the free use of Facebook can drive high email conversion rates and make your email marketing campaigns even more effective.

Drip marketing program 101

Set a drip marketing program to nurture your leads effectively through the sales cycle. Empower your sales with automated emails.

How Super Bowl commercials can inspire email marketers

The Super Bowl is the biggest holiday on the American sports calendar and a massive platform for marketers. Here’s how Super Bowl commercials can inspire email marketers!

Start ecommerce business – a guide for new retailers

Everything a newbie retailer need to know to maximize their chance for success and to stay ahead of their competition is right here.

Newsletter ideas with Pantone 2016 colors of the year

Check newsletter ideas with Rose Quartz and Serenity - Pantone Colors of the Year 2016. Design beautiful email campaigns with FreshMail and boost your sales.

[Infographic] What Santa can teach you about email marketing

For this year’s blog post, we decided to take inspiration from the ultimate master of all things Christmas - the man himself, Santa Claus! Let’s look at what Santa does and how we can apply those lessons to email marketing.

What a newsletter footer can do for you

Footers are standard elements of well-designed newsletters. Additionaly you can use them to impress, draw attention or display marketing information.

[Infographic] Spooky email marketing tips for Halloween

Preparation for the biggest shopping season of the year starts soon so Halloween is a great time to remind you of all the scary things that can happen if you don’t follow some of the basic rules of email marketing.