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Marcin Kociuba

Email marketing for event promotion – what you need to know

Your promotional work doesn’t end when the event starts.  Use a power of email marketing before, during and after your big day!

How to create a product recommendation system with tagging

Exeperience has shown, that integrating such systems is time consuming and the results are often not worth the time and effort put into them. Thanks to new functionalities from FreshMail, you can now create simple recommendation systems that work all by yourself!

Need to build your mailing list faster? Just get a tablet and FreshForm!

There are lots of ways to build a mailing list. If your goal is to expand yours as quickly as possible, there are many strategies to use both online and offline. But establishing contact with new customers when offline is now easier than ever with our new tablet application, FreshForm.

Keeping your email marketing strategy up to date

Your email marketing strategy cannot be written in stone! You always have to keep an eye on trends, follow data from your previous campaigns and have the flexibility to make changes. Take a look at our post on the importance of making sure that every aspect of your email marketing strategy is up to date.

The best ways to increase your CTR

Click rates can show you what portion of subscribers started with your newsletter and followed the sales funnel to conversion. That what makes it one of the most important elements of email marketing.

Basic newsletter elements – how to make the most of them

Every message sent through an email marketing system has a defined, fixed structure. By paying careful attention to their elements, you ensure that your campaign will be easily read and understood. This article covers points you should consider when creating each part of your message.

The best ways to increase your open rates

Any conversation about email sooner or later turns to the subject of open rates. Almost everyone involved in email marketing from the company director all the way down to whoever designs the message is focused on this one aspect of the campaign. Is this how it should be?

How to design an effective newsletter

Let’s talk about some useful tips for anyone involved in the process of creating and designing newsletters. I’ve put together these bits of advice to help you get the most of your email campaigns by making the right choices about the most important visual elements of your message.

What’s no longer trendy in email marketing

Not long ago, I wrote about our predictions for 2015 and what we can expect to see in the field of email marketing. This time, for the sake of balance, I want to show you a few ideas whose time has passed and should now be thought of in the past tense.

Using email marketing to drive ecommerce sales

Do you run an internet store and you’re not sure if the investment in email marketing is worth it? Read on to put all your doubts to rest.

What you need to know about responsive templates in FreshMail

FreshMail Designer has been enhanced with a new functionality - responsiveness. Responsive technology lets us be sure that emails will are properly displayed at different resolutions on a variety of computer and mobile device screens.

My war with Outlook…

Coding newsletters can make anyone go crazy, but what is it exactly that pushes us over the edge? Take a look at our new blog post for advice on how to keep your sanity.

FreshMail’s new Click Autoresponder – see what it can do for you!

FreshMail has introduced a new Click Autoresponder, which is activated when a subscriber clicks on a link in an email from your campaign. What’s the best way to use this new feature and use it to improve the quality of your newsletter communication? Read on.

Boost your email marketing using the new Open Autoresponder

One of FreshMail’s newest features is an Open Autoresponder that takes care of all your subscriber correspondence after a campaign email is opened. If you haven’t started using it yet, take a look at what you’re missing out on!

How do you create a good slogan?

Successful slogans aren’t just a blend of a few words. They’re one of the most important elements of an advertising campaign and can turn an ordinary, forgettable message into something worth remembering since the best slogans stay in the memory of consumers for years.

What can we look forward to in email marketing in 2015?

Our crystal ball isn’t very clear on the details of exactly what’s going to happen in 2015 but we can use our own observations to make some pretty good guesses about what email marketers will be talking about in 2015. These are our top five predictions.

Autoresponders are here! Are you ready to use them?

Along with the new version of FreshMail we have also introduced an autoresponder function. Thanks to this solution you can improve the quality of your relations with your subscribers and all with automatical way that doesn’t require your regular commitment. How does it work? You will find out reading this article.

10 metrics you should measure in email marketing

You use newsletters as part of your online marketing strategy because you already know that they can get results for your business. Do you measure the results? Do you even know, how to do it? Let’s take a look...

What kind of email marketer are you? [Infographic]

The proper use of the features of email marketing software requires practice that only experienced marketers will have. Check what kind of email marketer are you and what you can do to develop your abilities.