How to improve internal communication in the company using an email marketing system

Modern companies, where the flow of information is vital for project completion, consider internal communication to be of great importance. This particularly applies to enterprises and corporations where employees work from different locations.

How to conduct A/B testing using Facebook Ads, Google Ads and newsletters

Discover the possibilities of A / B testing, thanks to which you will optimize the effectiveness of online promotional activities! Learn how to perform A / B tests in Facebook Ads, Google Ads and mailing.

8 Gmail functions which will come in handy in your everyday work

Check out 8 useful Gmail functions which will make you everyday work easier. Discover Gmail Promotions Annotations and power of AMP.

SPF, DKIM, and DMARC tools – what are they and why are they useful?

FreshMail uses three types of protection: SPF, DKIM and DMARC. Discover what these abbreviations stand for, how each security feature operates and what benefits it can give you.

6 creative examples of newsletters to be inspired by

If you are looking for an interesting newsletter design or want to improve an idea which you might have, this post will provide you with some inspiring examples of texts that have won me over with their creativity, graphics with that extra something and newsletters worthy of subscribing.

Effective newsletter? Ensure deliverability!

As a sender, your actions have a real impact on the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy. Adhering to good email principles and paying attention to the issues will certainly have a positive impact on the delivery of your emails to mailboxes – and thus guarantee effective newsletter.

The bots are attacking! How to make your contact form secure.

Contact forms are undoubtedly one of the most efficient ways of building a newsletter database. Find out how to make your contact form secure

Gmail introduces self-destructive emails

Gmail has recently rolled out a new, useful feature: confidential emails that disappear from your recipient’s inbox after the time you have specified. This novelty will increase our control over email conversations, along with their security.

Connecting email marketing campaigns with Google Ads

In order to reach the end of the sales funnel, it is necessary to influence customers in various ways. In this article, I'll tell you how to do it using email marketing and Google Ads campaigns.

3 Form Creator functions that will help you build a subscriber list

Read on to see how you can build a list of recipients that complies with the law and good email marketing practices.

7 Email Marketing Tactics to Boost your M-commerce

Email marketing for m-commerce holds enormous potential for boosting conversions to increase revenues by exploiting an untapped niche of customers.

Why email list segmentation is a must

There is no downside to segmentation, only benefits. It brings greater results while helping o keep your email list in good order as it grows. It’s easy to do and skipping it means you’re not getting the results you should.

Confirmation messages in the double opt-in model

They say you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression and it’s as true in business as it is in other matters.

What is GDPR and how it will impact marketing

GDPR will affect how you handle data collection and processing and how you communicate with your european customers. Here's all marketers need to know, including FREE eBook: "GDPR - Busting Myths"

[#INFOGRAPHIC] Email marketing trends 2018

We have predictions from 12 leaders of email marketing space to help you set the foundation for your marketing in 2018. Tweet & Shout from queens and kings of email!

Add video to email campaign and make MORE profit

Do you want to leverage from the video content popularity in your email marketing strategy? Add video to email campaign! Find out how.

Next-level autoresponders

Wouldn’t it be great if your email marketing could automate itself? Just imagine not having to create new messages from scratch every few days or be responsible for sending them. It would be even better if you didn’t have to worry about segmenting your database after every campaign.

What No One Tells You About Conversion-Centric Email Design

More than your OR and CTR, your conversion rate is the real factor that boils down the success of your email marketing. Try conversion centric email design!