The 7 best shopping cart softwares

One of the first and most important choices you have to make in the process of setting up an internet store is which software to use. There are lots of options available on the market today, from free platforms to dedicated solutions created specifically for you. We’ve put together a list of seven of the most popular softwares that could be right for you.

How to use a blog in your marketing strategy

Blogs are everywhere these days – and if you don’t have one you’re missing a great opportunity to connect with your business audience. However, simply writing “something” does not a blog make – you need to be a bit more strategic with how you use your blog in order to reap the most benefit and make it a true part of your marketing plan.

5 rules of email marketing etiquette

You should always remember good manners and knowledge of the applicable customs in every day life when dealing with people. The same applies to the job of email marketer.

6 things you should know about HTML code

Let’s say you’ve just opened a new message in your inbox and you are amazed by its layout and the technical solutions used. Or maybe the newsletter you’ve designed displays incorrectly in various email clients and you don’t know what the problem is. The explanations for both situations is the HTML code that was used.

Email marketing conferences and summits

You might think that you know just about everything you need to know about email marketing. All you have to do is put together a visually appealing message with a concise but compelling text, send it to your database and then wait for the response. I mean, you learned how to do it a few years ago so you know all you need to know, right? 

What the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge taught us about going viral

The ALS ice bucket challenge may be the biggest example of viral marketing we’ve ever seen – and with that kind of scale comes many lessons learned. Here are a few of the things the ALS ice bucket challenge taught us about going viral.

The “Opt-down” procedure – what is it?

If you listen to them carefully, they will stay with you longer. So send your clients messages that will interest them and do so as often as you can without testing their patience. But how do you obtain information regarding your recipients’ preferences in the first place? You can do so by using the Opt-down procedure.

Email marketing: it’s not only newsletters

Browsing through blog entries, you may be under the impression that email marketing is all about newsletters (especially if you have only just started your adventure with email marketing). Well, it isn’t. In this article, I will introduce to you other ways of communicating with your subscribers.

A word about the ideal length for your subject line

Subject lines have to be eye-catching. You have only one or two seconds to make your recipients pay attention to your message. Why all the fuss and buzz about subject lines? Because it’s the main factor that determines the Open Rate of your whole campaign. 

How your online shop can benefit from email marketing

As an online retailer, you should remember that communication with your customers via email should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. We know that not only do customers prefer to receive communication from you in this form but also that it is the most effective way to get results. Is a newsletter all you can get from the email marketing?

8 tips for creating a perfect email signature

Most people consider an email signature as something not worth thinking about. Whereas it can be used as a way to sell your product or inform your recipient about something, it can also cause your message to be labeled as spam. You should know several simple rules regarding email signatures if you want them to work for you rather than against you.

The march toward mobile moves on – keep up or get left behind

The number of emails that are opened on mobile devices continues to rise with each passing year. It’s enough to look at your own habits and those of the people around you to see the trend for yourself. What does this mean for you when it's time to create, design and send your next campaign?

Where to find design inspiration for your website and blog

Launching a new website or blog is, undoubtedly, an exciting time – but to make that launch a success, you need to make a solid first impression. That first impression takes viewers just seconds to make – but countless hours to influence. And, beyond your actual text and services, there’s an even more important factor: your design.

How to reduce the number of people who sign off from your list

Have you noticed that more and more subscribers are signing off from your mailing list? How do you avoid this and keep subscribers engaged? Keep reading to find out the secret of successful email marketers.

Inspiring newsletters (part 2)

We’d like to invite you to read the second article of our series, in which we present inspiring newsletters from all over the world. Get inspired! 

Make your newsletter a fancy one by using this free web apps

You don’t need to be a pro to create a fancy newsletter. Many free apps and online tools are available on the internet and all you need to know is where to find them without spending too much time searching. Check out these apps and pick one to give your newsletter that extra “something” you’ve been missing.

The 6 most common mistakes in email marketing – can you avoid them?

Email marketing is a popular tactic integral to many companies’ marketing plans – and with approximately 77% of consumers preferring to receive marketing communications via this media, it’s popular for a good reason. But, as with anything, email marketing is only successful if deployed properly… get more from your email marketing efforts by avoiding these common mistakes.

Newsletter popup – use it right please!

Having an adversarial relationship with your subscribers is obviously something you want to avoid. Let’s use this as a starting point when discussing how to use popups as part of your marketing strategy. Popups are a powerful tool that can bring great benefits when used properly but also do great damage when used carelessly.  

Three things from current email marketing research that you should know

In this article we want to share three brief items with you - a bit of good news, a warning and one of the most basic but helpful tips anyone sending an email marketing campaign can follow. Find out what are these.