What strategies will we see in the future of ecommerce?

Over the past few years, the retail industry has seen a virtual explosion of new business coming from smartphones and other mobile devices. This development gives retailers the opportunity to greatly expand the reach of their businesses. The days of the local or regional retailer are disappearing rapidly, and a new era of retail with a truly global reach and potential customer base is rapidly emerging to take its place.

Here it is – our 2015 Best Practices for Email Newsletter Coding!

This year, our annual analysis of the CSS support properties of all the most popular email services goes into more detail than ever before. We've broken down all the statistics chart-by-chart with everything you need to know to make sure your newsletters display perfectly.

Why should you create an app for your business?

Does your business really need its own mobile app? No matter what size your business may be, mobile isn’t even the future anymore – it’s the present. If your business doesn’t have mobile communications as part of its branding strategy, that will spell trouble in the near future.

Upgrade your email marketing with a Follow-Up Autoresponder!

We are constantly at work developing new features that will let you automate your email marketing. One of the newest solutions is our Follow-Up Autoresponder. Keep reading to see what it can do for you.

Integrate your email campaigns and your social media presence [infographic]

You already use email marketing to reach the people who want to hear from you. Your company is also already visible on multiple social media platforms - right? - so your fans can engage with you in whichever way they choose. The inevitable question then becomes how to best seamlessly integrate these two pillars of your online presence.

FreshMail’s new Click Autoresponder – see what it can do for you!

FreshMail has introduced a new Click Autoresponder, which is activated when a subscriber clicks on a link in an email from your campaign. What’s the best way to use this new feature and use it to improve the quality of your newsletter communication? Read on.

Boost your email marketing using the new Open Autoresponder

One of FreshMail’s newest features is an Open Autoresponder that takes care of all your subscriber correspondence after a campaign email is opened. If you haven’t started using it yet, take a look at what you’re missing out on!

Turning talking, teaching and training into sales

Your newsletter can also be a powerful medium for building and maintaining your customer base through education, training and product information. Building a relationship with subscribers through the educational potential of newsletters pays off in the long term.

How to measure the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy

Content marketing is a complex art, and it is becoming more so by the day. It is imperative that you know how to measure the results of every piece of content you produce, but doing so can be an exceptionally daunting task.

New templates in FreshMail!

Our templates library is now even bigger. Now you can browse from among dozens of beautiful designs and select whatever works for you. There is something for everyone and more templates are being added all the time.

Cost per click vs. cost per impression

Are you getting the most out of your online advertising initiative? If you are focused too heavily on cost per click, chances are you are missing out on at least part of the revenue your content could be generating. The same holds true for relying too heavily on cost per impression. There are clearly instances when one method or the other will work more to your advantage.

Using coupons and discounts in email marketing

If you sell anything online, you will eventually be faced with offering some kind of discount. When that happens, you will have a few decisions to make...

Simplifying the checkout process on your e-commerce site

There is no doubt that the future is bright for online retail. This past holiday shopping season was a clear indicator that people are embracing the idea of shopping online more than ever before and brick-and-mortar stores are clearly feeling the pinch.

Shockvertising – does it have more pros or cons?

Marketers face the double challenge of getting their message to stand out in a world crowded with advertisements and getting that message to stick in consumers’ minds. Using surprising and unusual images is probably the oldest trick in the bag for this task and we have all seen ads that succeed by giving us an unexpected twist.

8 effective Facebook marketing strategies

Facebook has become a major player in Internet marketing, with some people reporting average ROIs in the 200 percent category and sometimes better. It has become a driving force in conversions and a vital element in many companies’ branding and content strategies.

How do you create a good slogan?

Successful slogans aren’t just a blend of a few words. They’re one of the most important elements of an advertising campaign and can turn an ordinary, forgettable message into something worth remembering since the best slogans stay in the memory of consumers for years.

What’s the point of using hashtags in your newsletter?

It’s funny to think about how new the concept of the hashtag actually is. It only started being widely used in 2012 (even though it was actually invented in 2007), and then, for quite a while, Twitter was its exclusive home. Today, it’s a social media staple and can be found in wide use across all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and — of course — Twitter.

The best newsletter ideas for Valentine’s Day

Your customers are looking for an offer that really catches their attention in their search for something for that special someone in their lives so make sure to follow these tips for crafting your Valentine’s Day newsletter.

Email marketing’s top 5 most (un)wanted

Be on the lookout. There are things out there that can reduce your email marketing efforts to nothing but a pile of wasted keystrokes and bandwidth. These five culprits could kill your email marketing strategy. Here is a brief description of them and some information on how you can keep them from thwarting your plans.