A closer look: using customer personas to increase conversions

As marketers, we tend to define our target audience through demographics. We consider genders, ages, socioeconomics, geolocations, purchasing behaviors, and more. But, the truth is, there’s a whole other piece to building that customer profile and full customer persona.

What are rich snippets?

About 90 percent off all online experiences begin with search — and, in those search results, you’ll see not only the URL, but a short description of the site it’s attached to. That short description is called a snippet..

Why email marketing? 5 reasons to love it!

Email marketing continues to be a strong player in the high-return marketing channels game — but not everyone is playing. If you’re one of the players missing the game, you’re, well, missing out. Here are just a few of the benefits to email marketing.

5 Things YouTube can teach you about email marketing

This post will concentrate on how YouTube works and the lessons you can apply to your own marketing activities. If you are still in the early stages of the learning curve of how to effectively get your message out to your subscribers, take a look at these five lessons that YouTube can teach beginners in the world of email marketing.

How to give email marketing a social life

It is essential to integrate email marketing and social media as part of a comprehensive strategy which will maximize the effectiveness of the overall marketing plan. By implementing such a multi-pronged approach, interaction with customers can be maximized throughout both components.

Taking Pinterest beyond arts and crafts

Once by invite only, it seems everyone is on Pinterest these days. And while Pinterest is a fabulous way to find decorating ideas, easy DIY up-do’s, projects for the kiddos – you name it, it’s also a great vehicle for marketing and promotions… if you know how to use it.

Specialists on email personalization – watch the video

Two of Eventful’s engineers - Paul Ramirez and Ryan Blomberg - have created a revolutionary recommendation engine that helps with personalization by sending alerts to subscribers interested in certain concerts and events. Their tool helps to increase sales by 66%! But what if you can’t use a team of engineers in your project?

How to use a blog in your marketing strategy

Blogs are everywhere these days – and if you don’t have one you’re missing a great opportunity to connect with your business audience. However, simply writing “something” does not a blog make – you need to be a bit more strategic with how you use your blog in order to reap the most benefit and make it a true part of your marketing plan.

Email marketing conferences and summits

You might think that you know just about everything you need to know about email marketing. All you have to do is put together a visually appealing message with a concise but compelling text, send it to your database and then wait for the response. I mean, you learned how to do it a few years ago so you know all you need to know, right? 

What the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge taught us about going viral

The ALS ice bucket challenge may be the biggest example of viral marketing we’ve ever seen – and with that kind of scale comes many lessons learned. Here are a few of the things the ALS ice bucket challenge taught us about going viral.

Newsletter popup – use it right please!

Having an adversarial relationship with your subscribers is obviously something you want to avoid. Let’s use this as a starting point when discussing how to use popups as part of your marketing strategy. Popups are a powerful tool that can bring great benefits when used properly but also do great damage when used carelessly.  

Permission marketing – do it right!

Read about permission marketing. Only this way ensures the optimization of results, the favor of subscribers. What’s the most important, it means no worries about legal matters.

Email marketing leads in efficiency – Gigaom report summary

No matter, if for purpose of increasing your sell or building the image of your company. Email marketing is still foremost and most marketers will approve it.