Safe Harbour ends, so what next?

The European Courts issued a ruling in response to a complaint by Austrian citizen Max Schrems  against the way American-based internet companies processed and stored the personal data of their customers. This decision placed a huge question mark over the future of the movement of transatlantic data.

Newsletters on Smartphones – The Good and The Bad

Maybe it looks that way since transactions don’t take place on smartphones as often but huge numbers of consumers view newsletters on their smartphones every day as part of the process that ends with them finalizing the sale on a different device. If your newsletter and online store are easy to view on smartphones, then you’ve taken a huge step toward persuading subscribers to click the “buy now” button.

Your checklist for newsletter sign-up forms that work

If you haven’t thought about just how important your sign-up form is and what you can do to enhance its effectiveness, then now is the time! Here are a few rules to follow if you want to get the most out of your newsletter sign-up form.

How to create a product recommendation system with tagging

Exeperience has shown, that integrating such systems is time consuming and the results are often not worth the time and effort put into them. Thanks to new functionalities from FreshMail, you can now create simple recommendation systems that work all by yourself!

5 Newsletter ideas for the back-to-school season

Summer’s coming to an end and soon the leaves will fall to the ground. We go back to school, to work and... to the mall. Shopping can be the best treatment for autumn depression.

The latest version of FreshMail is here! Take a look at what’s new

I’m proud to be able to tell you about the latest version of FreshMail. The main idea behind the changes was to create a more functional, cleaner and flatter interface. The speed of the application has also been increased so now you can get your email marketing campaign going even faster.

Need to build your mailing list faster? Just get a tablet and FreshForm!

There are lots of ways to build a mailing list. If your goal is to expand yours as quickly as possible, there are many strategies to use both online and offline. But establishing contact with new customers when offline is now easier than ever with our new tablet application, FreshForm.

Keeping your email marketing strategy up to date

Your email marketing strategy cannot be written in stone! You always have to keep an eye on trends, follow data from your previous campaigns and have the flexibility to make changes. Take a look at our post on the importance of making sure that every aspect of your email marketing strategy is up to date.

Get ready for FreshForm – FreshMail’s offline revolution

At FreshMail, we like to look for new solutions to help our customers make their work easier. This time, we’ve made something that will change your whole approach to email marketing... offline. We’re getting ready to introduce FreshForm.

How to choose the right ecommerce platform for you

So you want to start selling on the internet but you still don’t know which ecommerce solution will take you where you want to go? Many online businesses are faced with the challenge of decided how and where to drive their sales.

Introducing a new feature in FreshMail Designer!

Create even more effective and visually appealing newsletters by highlighting design elements as logo, menu, or promotion. In the block layout section you can set changes to 100% width. The feature works with all email client.

FreshMail’s new look is coming soon!

We’re always looking for new ways to improve your experience with FreshMail. This summer, our online face is going to change and it looks like we will be ready in about a month.

Video email – create an engaging newsletter

Can video email marketing improve your brand image and boost your campaign results? Try to educate, entertain and build relationships through engaging stories through the use of video.

How to design an effective newsletter

Let’s talk about some useful tips for anyone involved in the process of creating and designing newsletters. I’ve put together these bits of advice to help you get the most of your email campaigns by making the right choices about the most important visual elements of your message.

Can you sell a hamburger by newsletter?

Is the catering industry suited to the world of email marketing? At first thought, you might not think so - after all, how do you promote food over the Internet? Let’s take a look at how some of the biggest players in the game have dealt with this challenge and use what they’ve done as inpiration for what the rest of us can do.

What’s no longer trendy in email marketing

Not long ago, I wrote about our predictions for 2015 and what we can expect to see in the field of email marketing. This time, for the sake of balance, I want to show you a few ideas whose time has passed and should now be thought of in the past tense.

What you need to know about responsive templates in FreshMail

FreshMail Designer has been enhanced with a new functionality - responsiveness. Responsive technology lets us be sure that emails will are properly displayed at different resolutions on a variety of computer and mobile device screens.

How to get people to sign up for your newsletter

Building a high-quality subscriber list is the foundation of any successful email marketing campaign. Knowing how to best position the sign-up form and the most successful methods for obtaining email addresses will help you get started faster. Here are a few suggestions.

Email marketing – still on top

Recent research has once again confirmed what we here at FreshMail know very well. It’s something that often gets lost in the media buzz over things like social media and new ways of connecting with consumers but anyone responsible for a company’s online sales knows that is it true.