When and why an account may be blocked

Did you incorrectly enter your password when trying to log in? Have you done it so many times that you got a message telling you that the IP address that you are using has been blocked for five minutes? If you enter the wrong password again after the block is lifted, you will see a message like this:


You will also see a message telling you that we have a sent you an email with a link that will help you to unblock your account:


Unsuccessful login attempts

The most common reason for accounts being blocked is the repeated entry of an incorrect password. The blockade takes effect after ten unsuccessful login attempts. First your IP address will be blocked for 5 minutes and if another unsuccessful attempt is made after that, you will receive an email with a link that will allow you to access your account. This process is part of the rules we have in place to help secure your personal data and protect it from unauthorized use.

Illegal activities, lack of payment, etc.

Your account may also be blocked by a FreshMail system administrator due to violations of our policies or applicable law as well as for outstanding payments on your account. We take action in these circumstances reluctantly but we are sometimes forced to do so.

We constantly monitor messages sent from our system to help ensure that we are doing everything we can to eliminate spamSpamNiechciana wiadomość komercyjna. Zdarza się, że odbiorcy uznają za spam każdy mailing, którego nie chcą już więcej otrzymywać, nawet jeśli wcześniej zapisali się do listy odbiorców. . The integrity and trustworthiness of our servers is the foundation of our service and FreshMail will not hesitate to block the account of anyone suspected of abusing the system through violations outlined in the Terms of Use, Anti-Spam Policy and Privacy Policy.

If your account has been blocked for any reason and you need assistance in regaining access or have any questions regarding the reason for it being blocked, please contact us at support@freshmail.com.