The FreshMail system offers geotargeting on the basis of a geographical tagTagZnacznik stosowany do klasyfikowania fragmentów tekstu. Pozwala na grupowanie odnośników (linków), umożliwia tworzenie grup na podstawie kliknięć linków oznaczonych za pomocą tagów. assigned to each customer using the IP address from which the confirmation of the subscription to your newsletter was made. Geotargeting is possible only when using the Double Opt-In option, which is discussed in a separate entry.

Geotargeting is a powerful tool that enables you to create more targeted and effective campaigns.

One thing to bear in mind...

It is important to remember that a growing number of your subscribers are accessing their mail through mobile internet. This is relevant to FreshMail's geotracking feature because precise geographical locations are often difficult or even impossible to determine using mobile internet IP addresses. A subscriber accessing his mail through his mobile phone in one part of the country can be recorded as having been in a neighboring region or province or perhaps in a city he was not actually physically in - it all depends on the ISP infrastructure in question. Such are the current limitations of technology and we mention it only to give you all the relevant information you need to optimally utilize FreshMail's geotracking feature.

Using geotracking to create a group within a contact list

After selecting a list of recipients, just click the 'Segmentation' option.

Clicking on 'Add segment' will take you a screen with 'Create a rule', where you can choose 'geotargeting' from a drop-down menu.

New segment