FreshMail Code Inspector

FreshMail Code Inspector is your safeguard against common fundamental mistakes in the creation stage of your email campaign.

With this functionality, you will be able to be sure that you are following the most important principles for creating your email, things like  -

  • not using Flash or JavaScript,
  • including a resignation link,
  • properly adding text rather than copying it from MS Word (or another text editor),
  • not using ALTs with images,
  • using the correct CSS styles

FreshMail Code Inspector will carefully examine your template for errors that cause an improper display in email software. Any errors will be divided into two categories:

  • errors that have to be fixed (some of them will be automatically improved by FreshMail)
  • suggestions regarding other changes that can be made but are not required

FreshMail Inspector in practice

You can use FreshMail Inspector by going to the 'Tests' tab in the campaign creator.


Remember to run another FreshMail Code Inspector test after making any corrections or alterations after any tests you may have already done.

Also, using FreshMail Code Inspector does not mean that you don't need to carry out other diagnostics like the Inbox Test or the Spam Test.

Keep testing until everything is just right!