What is campaign moderation about?

Why do we moderate?

Our customer service makes sure that emails sent through FreshMail meet the highest standards of professional email marketing. To maintain this high level of performance, we use a system of moderation oversight to verify that communications sent from FreshMail comply with those standards.

The primary requirement that must be satisfied is the presence of a resignation link in your mail. This feature is not only a key component of industry standards in email marketing but a legal necessity as well. If your resignation link is hidden or otherwise improperly used the campaign will not be approved for sending and the owner of the account on which it was created will receive an email regarding the rejection.

Campaigns that contain offensive content, violate applicable laws or common good taste can also be suspended.

When moderations are done

Moderation is carried out during the working hours of our Customer Service from Monday to Friday between 8 am – 18 pm GMT. And Saturday to Sunday between 9 am - 19 pm GMT.

When you select a time for sending the campaign, it will be transferred to moderation, and you will find it in your account in Dashboard and seen as 'Campaign waiting for the sending'.


You can also schedule when you want FreshMail to send your campaign.