How to send a campaign from FreshMail

Ok, so you have entered your subscriber list in your FreshMail account and you're ready to send your first campaign. Now let's go from start to finish through the Campaign Creator and show you how to get your message out there!

Start by clicking the Campaign creator button in the top menu.

how to send1

Then select the ‘Mailing campaign’ button.

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1. Parameters

FreshMail will begin by asking you to set the parameters of your campaign.


Fill in the following fields:

  • Name of the campaign – Give it a detailed name that will help you to search for it in the future. The name is visible only to you, not your recipients.
  • The email subject – This is the line that will appear as the 'Subject' of the email in the recipient's inbox.
  • From line – This is the name that will appear in 'From' column in the recipient's inbox. It can be a company's name, your name or both.
  • Email address – This is the address from which you are sending your message and will be visible to the subscriber of your email subscriber. In the campaign parameters, you can also enable two optimization tools:
    • A/B tests for the subject and the sender of the message
    • An optimizer of the sending time of the message

In order to enable the selected tools, use the On/Off slider.

A/B Testing

A/B Tests

In A/B Tests, FreshMail automatically checks which of two campaigns using different 'subject' or 'from' lines was better received by your subscribers. You do not need to create random segments or send and analyse a multitude of campaigns - the A/B Tests do it for you. Just specify several criteria when creating the campaign.

  • The sample size for the test
  • The variable to be tested (subject or sender),
  • How success will be measured (by opening the email message or by clicking the link in the email),
  • How long the test will run.

Read more about A/B tests.

If you want to get to know your subscribers better and learn their message-opening habits, you can also use the Sending Time Optimizer.

Sending Time Optimizer

The Sending Time Optimizer is an innovative tool that automatically performs tests according to the days and times when your database best responds to emails. With a bit of experimentation, it's easy to learn when you can maximize your Open RateOpen rate (OR)Procentowy wskaźnik, który pokazuje stosunek unikalnie wyświetlonych wiadomości do wiadomości wysłanych. and Click Through Rate.

When using the Sending Time Optimizer, you can choose between testing the optimal day of the week for your campaign or the optimal time of day. When testing the day of the week, you can then choose between the workweek and the calendar week.

Sending time Optimizer

2. Subscribers

In the second step you specify the recipients to whom the campaign is going to be sent. You can use an existing list of contacts (browse for a certain list and mark it) or create a new list in FreshMail by adding it in one of two ways:

  • Entering addresses manually,
  • Importing addresses from a CSV, TXTFormat HTML + TXTWiadomość, która zawiera format HTML i TXT. Programy pocztowe, które nie będą mogły odtworzyć wiadomości w formacie HTML, wyświetlą ją w formacie TXT. Należy pamiętać, że wyświetlenie wiadomości w formacie TXT uniemożliwi zraportowanie jej w kontekście otwarć. or XLS file.

FreshMail automatically automatically removes duplicate addresses that appear on multiple mailing lists so that your subscribers will not receive the same message twice.

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3. Content

The next step is to determine how you want to prepare your content. You have several options. You can upload a ready-made HTML template from your computer after compressing it. You can also choose from among the templates available in our Library or use a template from a campaign that has already been sent or simply create your own project. If you want to design a template from scratch select ‘New message’ in the left upper corner.

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Decide if you want to create an email message using FreshMail Designer (read more about creating a campaign in Desiger here) or CKEditor - a simple tool similar to the text editor that you use every day in your office work.

You can also download a template from any location on the Internet by selecting 'Download from an url' option. For this option, you must enter the URL of the site where the template you want to use is.

You also can save the templates you create or edit in FreshMail all the templates you used in previous campaigns (you will find them in 'Campaigns' tab).

While creating your message, remember to type out your content and to never copy it directly from MS Word or another text editor. Use Windows Notepad for this purpose in order to safely paste the text into FreshMail.

Resignation link

The FreshMail system has been prepared in accordance with prevailing legal regulations regarding consumer protection. Therefore, it is necessary to add a 'resignation link' to each campaign, enabling recipients to unsubscribe if they do not want to receive any more messages from you.

In order to enable the 'resignation link', use our editor or type $$resignlink$$. Doing so will enable the system to automatically insert the hyperlinked text: 'Unsubscribe the information' and an appropriate link. If you want to adapt this link to your template, you can use the following command in the HTML mode: <resignlink>your text</resignlink>. Everything that is between the markers will be an active element causing unsubscibtion.

More about adding the resignation link.

Resignation link

4. Tests

The fourth step of the campaign wizard applies to the tests. Remember, that it is necessary to carry out tests in email marketing, since sent email messages can no longer turn back. At this point FreshMail seems to be a very helpful option.

To make sure that your email will not be mistakenly classified as spamSpamNiechciana wiadomość komercyjna. Zdarza się, że odbiorcy uznają za spam każdy mailing, którego nie chcą już więcej otrzymywać, nawet jeśli wcześniej zapisali się do listy odbiorców. , we created Anti-Spam Tests.

Antispam test

Anti-Spam Tests

With it, you can check if your mailing is safe and will reach the recipients. If your message received too much spam points, FreshMail will tell you what should be improved.

More about anti-spam tests.

Screen test

You should also perform the Screen Test, which will check whether your mailing is well displayed in different applications. Perhaps you have seen the mailings that are ‘scattered’. Thanks to the Inbox TestInbox TestSprawdza przed wysyłką czy wiadomość stworzona w Kreatorze Kampanii dobrze wyświetla się w różnych klientach pocztowych. you will know whether you did not make a mistake when encoding messages.

Inbox test

We give you the opportunity to perform the test in the three groups of available webmails and desktop programs:

  • Recommended by FreshMail by the local average,
  • Recommended for your list, after a detailed analysis of mailing lists,
  • All programs available in the FreshMail Test.

Within each group, you can additionally select webmails and programs you are interested in, or reject those useless.

Select: ‘Start the Test’, so the system can start to process the data and perform the necessary screenshots.

More about the Inbox Test.

5. Advanced Settings

The next step refers to the advanced settings for the campaign. You do not really need to change them to send the campaign.

Here you can specify an email address to which your recipients will reply. However, by default, one set the address of the sender, listed in the Parameters. Here you also have to enter the address to which all the notifications about the completion of sending will be sent.


In addition, when using the option ‘Enable advanced settings’ you move the button to ‘On’, you will have access to campaign integration with Google Analytics, enabling the tagging of a campaign, tracking codes, adding images in the content and the choice of whether the campaign has a newsletter or a commercial character.

6. Sending time

If everything is fine, you can go to the last step – i.e.: determination of the sending time of the campaign, and wait for the results.

The campaign can be sent immediately, but that does not mean that it will be forwarded in the same second. FreshMail sends a lot of campaigns at once, so maybe your campaign will wait while others are being processed. However, this should not take longer than a few minutes. You can also schedule, when FreshMail shall start sending your mailings.

If you have a large database, you can, for example, set the start time for the sending during the night, so in the morning everyone has an email from you.

Delivery time


You successfully went through all the stages of creating the campaign, your shipment is on its way to customers. Now you just have to wait for reports from the campaign! They gather on a regular basis, immediately after the sending.