What is an API key and where can you find it?

While using the FreshMail system you have probably come across the APIApplication Program Interface (API)Interfejs programowania aplikacji – sposób w który mogą się komunikować dwa programy w celu wymiany danych. W systemach do email marketingu umożliwia ono m.in. dodawanie adresów z zewnętrznych aplikacji czy wysyłanie wiadomości transakcyjnych. concept a few times. So what is it exactly and how do you use it while working within the system?

An API key is necessary to integrate FreshMail with your CRMCRMSystem zarządzania relacjami z klientami., CMS, e-commerce and other systems.

Where can you find API keys?

Account API key

You can find your individual API key for your account in the main settings. On the left hand side of the website you will see a few tabs. Click on ‘Plugins and API’ and then move the slider to see the options for API integration.

api key

List API key

Furthermore, on every subscriber list in your account you can find the API key of each one. All you need to do is enter one of the lists you have created and select the ‘Parameters’ tab - then you will see the API keys.

api key

How you use the API key

If you want to become familiar with all the details of the use of API keys, read our articles that you will find linked below. They will tell you all about the possibilities that API integration offers. An API key will be needed by:

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