[Report] Social shoppers – the future of ecommerce

2.5 million Brits say they are buying on mobile daily. Social shoppers are the most engaged group in ecommerce. What does it mean for retailers?

Fonts in email marketing

Using the right font is sometimes a hard a task but always an important one. We’re going to cover some of the basic rules of using fonts in email marketing. You’ll get to know the different kinds and learn which ones display best on multiple devices.

Chrome plug-ins to make the work of e-marketers easier

Chrome is one of the most popular internet browsers in the world. We’ve put together 17 plug-ins that help Chrome to do more to make your work with text and graphics easier.

FreshMail at B2B Marketing Expo London

FreshMail had the pleasure of attending the B2B Marketing Expo at London’s ExCel Centre.

Latest email marketing trends from the Mail My Day Conference 2016

Check the latest email marketing trends discussed on Mai My Day - email conference and a platform which helps marketers learn, share, and grow.

30 Influencers You Should Follow on Twitter

We collected a list of 30 influencers who will inspire you to find innovative solutions to promote your company, give you advice and gladly answer your questions. Here’s some great information about content and video marketing, growth hacking, seo and social media.

Email marketing growth hacks – part 1

Check these email marketing growth hacks and kickstart your business.

10 Ways to build your own mailing list in B2B

Don’t know how to build your own mailing list in B2B? We’re going to take a look at the techniques that work best and the tools you will need to get started.

The 7 Golden Rules of Email Marketing for Startups

The world of startups could use a short list of the most important email marketing best practices. The golden rules of email marketing for startups. They're proven, simple, time-efficient gems of uncommon sense.

Free use of Facebook to drive high email conversion rates

Find out how the free use of Facebook can drive high email conversion rates and make your email marketing campaigns even more effective.

6 Marketing Automation Tips to Empower Your Small Business

To see the fastest return on email marketing and avoid common pitfalls, use these six marketing automation tips in your small business.

Drip marketing program 101

Set a drip marketing program to nurture your leads effectively through the sales cycle. Empower your sales with automated emails.

Don’t miss out on these email marketing trends of 2016

Find out what to expect regarding email marketing trends and good practices. This will definitely help you plan your marketing mix for 2016.

Newsletter ideas with Pantone 2016 colors of the year

Check newsletter ideas with Rose Quartz and Serenity - Pantone Colors of the Year 2016. Design beautiful email campaigns with FreshMail and boost your sales.

How to increase your Open Rate by segmenting subscriber databases

For email marketing to generate revenue, the content of sent messages has to adapt and be suited to the needs of the individual preferences of subscribers. Let’s take a look at how to use subscribers database segmentation to boost your Open Rate.

Where has the Twitter share count gone on my website?

Twitter have removed the counter declaring that they were “simplifying the Tweet button by removing the share counter displayed alongside the button”. What are the implications for website owners, bloggers and business?

25 habits that will take your email marketing to the next level

Good habits great the incentives, motivate us to be better and provide inspiration for growth and improvement.  This is especially true in marketing, where tracking results informs ongoing development. We’re going to take a look at the habits that can help to assure success in email marketing.

12 Essential Steps to Black Friday Email Marketing Success (Part Two)

Black Friday and Cyber Monday mark the most important weekend of the retail calendar. Follow these steps to email marketing success over the long sales weekend and maximise your sales potential. Don't be left behind and get ahead of your competition.

How to increase ecommerce sales with the help of gamification Part 1

Introducing elements of gamification into your online store and positively impact sales. This post will show you how to optimally employ the mechanisms of gamification in your ecommerce.